When HP and Google came together to create the HP Chromebook 11, the ultra-minimalist and super affordable laptop designed to give more people access to the internet, they knew they needed a packaging solution to match. Liquid Agency was happy to help. With a little inspiration from a takeout box and in collaboration with structural packaging designers at Uneka, the team was able to develop an innovative solution using tree-free, compostable pulp made from rapidly renewable plant fibers–about the same cost as plastic, but much better for the environment. Jordan Shapiro from Forbes summed it up best when he said, “I was immediately struck by the packaging. There’s a story in it. This box isn’t just for shipping. It also begins a relationship.” Now there’s a compliment.

So, take a peak. Bask in the boxes soft feel, rounded edges and splash of color. And contact us if you want your packaging and unboxing experience to embolden the bond between you and your customer.