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Reimagining a customer experience to navigate the road ahead

Christian Brothers Automotive


  • Retail


  • Business concept development
  • Business innovation
  • Concept and ingredient testing
  • Customer research and insights
  • Experience principle development
  • Experience prototyping
  • Lighthouse vision experience
  • Customer journey map

Founded in 1982, Christian Brothers Automotive is a national auto care business that reshaped the industry with its superior customer care. Despite its success, CBA’s leadership realized the industry was shifting and they were in need of a 10-year vision. Liquid Agency joined CBA to collaborate on several key objectives that included increasing revenue, retaining customers and elevating the customer experience.

Based on a robust research phase, we built three opportunity platforms to use as jumping-off points for mapping CBA’s future. We then led a Swarm with stakeholders across franchisees and the home office, exploring new business concepts based on brand strengths. The Liquid Agency team tested the top concepts with customers to discover which ideas had the most appeal and areas that could be further evolved.

Our work culminated in the unveiling of CB2.0 at CBA’s annual franchise convention. We brought the new vision to life through a breakout event that introduced attendees to CBA’s new brand strategy, brand identity, digital user experience, service offerings and more. Each touchpoint was supported by interactive iPad experiences, including a CBA app prototype and a VR tour of the new store concept.

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