Liquid Wins Big at Silicon Valley ADDY Awards

By Marketing Matters

Liquid Agency, Inc. came home with a full trophy case at the annual American Advertising Federation’s Silicon Valley ADDY Awards, winning a total of nine awards including two best of shows. The agency has won best of show honors three times in the last four years. This year Liquid also won for work that spans…

What I Learned This Year: 2018

By Scott Gardner

As we look to the new year ahead, there’s no better time than now for company leaders to take a long look at their company values and ensure that they represent their vision and mission for the year ahead. And once those important touch stones are set, they need to be shared throughout the enterprise….

Liquid’s series of films inspired by 80s legends ‘The A-Team’

By The Marketing Standard

The “E-Team” features a cast of characters who like the A-Team, bring specialized skills to solve specific challenges. Or as they like to say, “Exacting revenge on problems with exactly the right solutions.” Led by “Cornflake” and “Porterhouse,” the E-Team literally tackles the issues companies need to manage in their day-to-day shipping and packaging needs…

Liquid Agency Activates the E-Team for Ernest Packaging Solutions

By The LA Egotist

Ernest Packaging is serious about bringing new thinking to the world of packaging and shows its innovation and sense of humor in an engaging series of videos from Liquid Agency that bring together an unconventional group of problem solvers inspired by 1980’s TV police and special forces shows like the A-Team. The “E-Team” features a…

6 Ways a Brand Can Forge a Cohesive Company Culture and Stay True to Brand Promi…

By Katie Wignall

When there’s discord internally, it’s often difficult to connect with consumers Customers can tell when your brand isn’t internally aligned. If you walked into your office tomorrow and found that all the logos had been removed, would you still be able to see your brand there? What if all your products were taken off the…

Small Ad Agencies Argue: We’re Faster and Smarter

By Tobi Elkin

How do smaller ad agencies compete with bigger shops backed by holding companies? While brands value creativity and agility, are smaller, home-grown ad agencies less encumbered by the bureaucratic processes that can bog them down? A few small agencies are trying to answer that question with agile management. Jane Smith, a 30-person full-service global creative…

Liquid Agency CEO embraces change in the cultural landscape

By Sonya Herrera

Scott Gardner, CEO and founder of Liquid Agency, has worked in downtown San Jose for 24 years and says “It’s going to be interesting to see what it’s going to be like in 10 years.” Scott Gardner’s character defies easy labeling. The founder and CEO of brand marketing firm Liquid Agency has been making money…

The Key to Balancing Life and Work When the Two Merge? Just Be Present

By Tony Cordero

The key to balancing life and work when the two merge? Just be present. When we first started talking about “work/life balance,” we lived in a much more binary world. I distinctly remember going to work, firing up my desktop tower, putting in a full day surrounded by workmates, shutting it down at 5 (OK,…

Bringing Silicon Valley Thinking to the World

By Daniel Codella

If you have a strong culture, you’re going to have a strong company. Over the last half-century, Silicon Valley has become the global center of innovation—the world’s brightest minds flock here in droves. It’s the birthplace of some of the most groundbreaking companies in tech, and people have been trying to figure out what makes…

If I Knew Then What I Know Now…I’d Invest in Brand Culture and Never…

By Scott Gardner

As a passionate 30-year tenured agency owner and branding expert who has walked the halls and worked with some of America’s great companies like Apple, Google, Nordstrom and many others, I wish I really grasped the importance of Brand Culture many moons ago. And I don’t mean culture through the employee lens, I mean Brand…