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Bringing humanity back to marketing



  • Software as a service


  • Communications and media ecosystem audit
  • Audience definition and drivers
  • Campaign and communications strategy
  • Media strategy, planning and negotiations
  • Campaign plan
  • Campaign messaging map
  • Concept and creative copy development
  • Creative prototyping and testing
  • Campaign asset production
  • Media buying and stewardship
  • Campaign measurement
  • Brand tracking
  • Guidelines and toolkits

When Acoustic spun out of IBM, the MarTech provider had to create a new company in a hurry—and, of course, a new brand. So, they tapped Liquid Agency to quickly build brand awareness in a category crowded with big names like Salesforce, Adobe and HubSpot.

Liquid Agency created an integrated brand awareness campaign called “Free Your Inner Marketer” and brought it to life with over-the-top video, out-of-home, digital display banners and a campaign landing page.

The creative idea went straight to the heart of marketing culture—where people were feeling less like marketers and more like data miners—and the campaign connected in a big way. Using our proprietary brand tracking methodology, after nine months we were able to show brand awareness was up 600%, familiarity was up 183% and purchase intent rose by half.

The campaign launched with paid media in national print, out-of-home targeted to intercept key audiences, and a broad and deep digital media plan. The plan targeted marketers in tier one business media brands like Forbes and industry publications like AdAge, as well as niche offerings. We evolved our plans to layer in broad and intimate digital events that included a Wall Street Journal C-level event. We further extended the Acoustic brand with sponsored industry events as well as content on podcasts that uniquely aligned with our creative campaign direction.

And in keeping with the theme of being nimble, our media team made on-the-fly decisions when COVID-19 forced most of the nation to shelter in place. A few of our business print placements in our initial phase had to be quickly adjusted, as they were tied to business office subscriptions.

“Liquid Agency dove head-first into our brand awareness challenge to emerge as our strategic and creative agency lead. Their ability to listen, learn and apply insights in real time on the go helped push the Acoustic brand into a space that genuinely inspires our customers.”

—Norman Guadagno, Acoustic, former chief marketing officer

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