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Empowering growth through full-funnel marketing.




  • Software as a service


  • Campaign strategy and planning
  • Paid media strategy and planning
  • Buyer journey mapping
  • Creative platform design
  • Concepting and creative copy
  • Campaign asset production
  • Media buying and stewardship
  • Optimization and conversion
  • Data-driven advertising
  • Campaign measurement

Varicent Software offers incentive compensation and sales performance management solutions for various departments. Their Enterprise solution streamlines compensation processes for larger organizations, while the Business Edition caters to mid-sized firms, automating commission calculations and payout distributions. Founded in 2003, Varicent is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Having pioneered Sales Performance Management, Varicent expanded its solutions. Yet, with growing competition, market perception lagged, overshadowing its evolved capabilities. Despite past dominance, Varicent faced challenges in differentiating from competitors. This misalignment jeopardized brand relevance, especially among decision-makers, compelling a need for full-funnel brand to demand alignment.

Varicent, in collaboration with Liquid Agency, aimed to understand market misperceptions. The central insight was that decision-makers needed clarity on Varicent’s comprehensive offerings. To address this, they initiated a brand-to-demand campaign, pivoting Varicent’s image from just a Sales Performance Management entity to a holistic SaaS solution supporting the full revenue journey, thus repositioning as a growth-enabling partner.

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