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Celebrating 20 years of building brands people believe in.

People are talking about us.

Listen to business leaders describe what it’s like to work with Liquid Agency and how we helped their organizations grow.

The year was 2001, the place was Silicon Valley and, of course, things were happening. The internet was growing wildly. Technology companies were invading the consumer space. Scott Gardner and Alfredo Muccino noticed. They founded Liquid Agency, along with Kim Catanzaro and Matt Phipps, to help innovative companies develop and activate their brands—all from the first Liquid Agency location, the lobby of the St. Claire Hotel in San Jose.

When you’re just starting out, every agency needs one big client that trusts them. We built Liquid Agency on Intel, with award-winning work for CES, Comdex, Mobile World Congress, global retail and even the design of exhibits in the Intel Museum. That partnership quickly made us relevant, and then we were off and running.

Intel Team

Beyond Intel, we also worked with many of the dynamic startups of Silicon Valley in their earliest days, and we teed them up to go big. As we expanded our footprint, with four locations throughout the U.S. and Chile, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the world’s most amazing companies.

Portland Team

Today, founder and CEO Scott Gardner is still at the helm of Liquid Agency. The agency that designs and builds experiences for brands, customers and employees—all aligned with the true meaning and purpose of our client’s organizations.

As we celebrate our 20-year anniversary, we remember the wonderful people who have played a significant role in building our company. And let’s not forget the amazing clients, award-winning work and the great celebrations of our success.

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