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Helping a retail brand resonate with customers through new service principles and training tools



  • Apparel


  • Retail experience audit
  • Employee experience audit
  • Service principles
  • Managers training playbook
  • Store associate training assets

To continue growing its commitment to its customers, UGG needed to engage and educate its retail associates on a global level. Liquid Agency was asked to help create a set of tools that would connect associates to the UGG brand DNA and help them better convey the brand throughout retail interactions.

Liquid Agency’s first step was to define UGG’s service principles. We created four behavioral statements called the UGG LIFE service principles. The tenets communicated how store associates should interact with customers.

With the service principles realized, our team extended them into UGG LIFE associate training tools. The materials helped associates to both embrace and embody the UGG brand in their customer interactions.

Throughout the development of the work, we knew change couldn’t be made without bringing retail leadership into the fold. This insight went into designing a managers training playbook. In it, global managers are guided on how to effectively instill UGG’s service principles within their associate teams, to deliver a cohesive and unified customer experience.

UGG Managers Playbook

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