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Crafting a unified identity for a global industrial solutions heavyweight.

DMC Global



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In an industry rife with commoditization and cutthroat pricing, DMC Global, the proud parent of both Nobelclad and DynaEnergetics, thrives against the odds. Nobelclad, renowned for its high-reliability clad production, effortlessly meets daunting customer demands. DynaEnergetics, meanwhile, sets the gold standard in oil well completion systems, harmonizing technical prowess with unyielding reliability.

Yet, challenges loom. As DMC shifts from its clad metal legacy, it faces pivotal questions: What’s DMC’s precise role relative to its subsidiaries? How can it crystallize unique value for shareholders and operational firms alike? And, crucially, how can distinct DMC-owned entities be harmoniously unified under one overarching banner?

Navigating the intricate DMC landscape, Liquid collaborated with leaders from DMC, Nobelclad, and DynaEnergetics to crystallize the DMC Global brand. 

Our strategy entailed delineating the synergistic relationships binding the three brands. By crafting strategic positioning and messaging tailored to each brand’s target audience, we ensured pinpoint resonance. 

Serving as the anchor for two notable industrial entities, DMC Global merges legacy with advanced technical products. Amidst generic competition, DMC’s growth is driven by product innovation, acquisitions and market expansion. Liquid Agency aided DMC in crafting a unified narrative, rooted in shared vision and adaptable design.

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