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The power of a close client-agency partnership

Ernest Packaging Solutions


  • Supply chain industrial packaging


  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Content development
  • Corporate rebranding and naming
  • Brand strategy and activation
  • Employee experience and culture
  • Employee journey maps
  • Cx strategy and journey
  • Marketing campaigns and social media
  • Measurement and analytics

By 2006, and over six decades in business, the Ernest Paper Company had a business problem. As a self-proclaimed paper company that wasn’t really in the paper business anymore, Ernest was under price-driven pressure common in the supply chain packaging commodity-based marketplace.

To further complicate matters, their previous lack of investment in marketing and an unclear brand trajectory further muddled their position. On top of that they weren’t telling their story of the new direction the company was headed, while managing a house of eight regional brands with very little brand equity and no national ties.

Navigating Ernest Paper Company’s brand quandary required a multifaceted strategy. First, we delved deep into brand foundation, resulting in a company renaming, and established a robust brand architecture accompanied by a tailored visual design system. 

Recognizing the importance of digital in modern outreach, we developed integrated digital-first campaigns, coupled with the launch of vibrant social communities. Through innovative partnerships, we leveraged a significant wave of PR traction.

Equally vital was fostering a rich internal culture. This holistic approach not only addressed Ernest’s immediate concerns but also poised them for future growth and adaptability.

In 2014, we introduced Ernest “Cardboard Chaos,” a video series showcasing innovative designs of everyday items made from corrugated paper. Starting with a functional snowboard, the series featured unique creations like a surfboard and a wakeboard. 

Our highest viewed videos were a skateboard ridden by Tony Hawk, and an impressive cardboard Fender Stratocaster, each surpassing 1 million and then 3 million unique views respectively. 

We continue to launch cardboard innovations today, including a Masters of Maple drum kit, Fender bass, Wurlitzer keyboard, and a full cardboard snow park at Mammoth Mountain.

In 2018, we launched Ernest’s E-Team campaign to spotlight their package design, process design automation, and supply chain management solutions. 

Emphasizing their dedication to keeping customers ahead in the packaging industry, Ernest introduced the E-Team II in 2020. This sequel showcased solutions addressing change management, their proprietary TempEndure technology for e-commerce, and broader innovations. 

A live event took place at Portland’s Aladdin Theater to launch the E-Team II’s new films. Ernest anticipates unveiling a new series in 2024.

To bolster employee recruitment, Ernest launched the “Not Hiring” campaign, a whimsical endeavor highlighting traits they didn’t seek in potential recruits. 

Devised by Ernest’s agency of record Liquid Agency, it featured light-hearted adverts contrasting undesirable attributes with desired ones using memorable characters. This toolkit, promoted on key platforms like LinkedIn, aided Ernest in surpassing hiring targets by 300%, earning accolades in the advertising sector.

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