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Partnering to build a better way for accountants




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Founded in 2013, FloQast is the leading cloud-based operational accounting platform created by accountants, for accountants. By automating and modernizing everyday accounting workflows, FloQast enables accountants to work better together and perform their tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy.

FloQast was seeking to expand its brand relevance, but had relied on a product-centric strategy that was not reflecting the energy of the company and the strategic value it could create for the office of the CFO.

To do this, FloQast needed a differentiated and more elevated position in a crowded competitive field of workflow automation, RPA, FP&A and other financial software.

The greatest strength of FloQast is that it’s a company of accountants in support of accountants. While other companies offer a wide breadth of product offerings, FloQast wants to do more for the industry of accounting from both a practice and perception perspective. Our approach was to position FloQast as the brand targeting the next generation of accountants and the emerging needs of the new CFO role that is centered around strategic decision-making.

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