Windows 8 marked a huge leap forward for Microsoft—the biggest product launch since the Windows operating system in 1995. And after considering other firms, Microsoft selected Liquid Agency to manage the worldwide retail product launch, including the design and production of all marketing and branding assets. This was a massive undertaking that demanded an intimate knowledge of where the brand stood and where it was headed. After working in tandem with Microsoft’s Central Marketing Group, it became readily apparent that the brand needed to become more human. So in developing the launch materials, Liquid Agency leveraged lifestyle photography that radiated warmth and approachability, coupled with a bold, spirited color palette and confident, supportive copy. The next crucial step was to make the interface the hero. By featuring it prominently in all of the Windows 8 marketing tools, Liquid Agency elevated those revolutionary live tiles to set them apart from any other operating system on the planet—all in a clean, modern and energetic way. This intuitive experience was then brought to the retail space by creating scalable merchandising solutions to highlight the operating system’s functionality across all devices. Finally, to ensure consistency across the globe, Liquid Agency delivered a toolkit of marketing assets for retailers worldwide.

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