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Objective driven measurement. Informed planning. Optimized organizational performance.

For an organization striving to optimize performance, research and measurement is crucial. Insightful research is critical to the decision-making process, providing reliable data and actionable insights that shape the foundation of a brand people believe in.

Whether designing communities of customers strongly connected to your brand, establishing a baseline to measure the formation and strength of your customer relationships, or assessing the extent to which your employees are connected to your organization, our in-house research and measurement team is here to provide you with insights to drive you toward your objectives.

A full suite of measurement and analytics solutions

Brand Tracking
Measure and monitor the strength of your organization, from brand perception and market share to the strength of your customer relationships and the beliefs that form them.


Brand Lift Studies
Understand what’s working and where to optimize brand creative and how campaigns to contribute to your overall brand health.


Employee Relationship Tracking
Measure and monitor the extent to which your employees and candidates are connected to your organization, have passion for their work and are willing to advocate on your behalf or join your company.


EVP Measurement
Meet employees and candidates where they are with employee value proposition messaging that builds their relationships with and sentiment in your organization.


Voice of the Customer
Learn whether your brand meets your customers’ expectations by fully understanding their perceptions of your product, services, and brand.


Bx, Cx and Ex Qualtrics Partner
Discover valuable brand, customer and employee experience insights through our unique Qualtrics Partnership. Leverage enterprise-grade experience measurement and insights to unlock pathways to growth and acceleration to market—all on a single platform.


How we work:

Silicon Valley Thinking™

Silicon Valley Thinking™ gives you a competitive advantage in a time of rapid change. We develop strategy in parallel with design so we can adjust on the go as we unify strategy, creative and media around a common vision, and we do all this by Swarming. To “Swarm” with Liquid Agency is to unleash the power of simultaneous collaboration by bringing together a variety of agency and client minds to co-create breakthrough solutions. This breaks down organizational silos creating buy-in from stakeholders, leading to more powerful and effective outcomes.

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