What happens when one division of a company strives to simplify their logo, then other divisions begin to create their own, slightly different variations on the mark? A corporate identity crisis ensues. That’s when HP’s PC division contacted Liquid Agency—to develop an optimized version of the logo that could be adopted across all business units worldwide and more consumer friendly. Understanding that HP was one of Silicon Valley’s earliest and most prominent brands, the bar was set high from start. By doing an inventory of the various weights and shapes used company-wide, Liquid Agency began correcting these inconsistencies with exacting geometric precision, then maximized the size of “hp” to optimize legibility, even at small sizes. Lastly, Liquid Agency created both a flat and dimensional version of the logo providing the necessary flexibility to work across all media and worked with industrial designers to ensure the correct look and feel would translate to branded hardware, as well.

And here it is, brought to life (video beneath). Look for Liquid Agency’s handiwork on all of HP’s marketing and collateral—and on signage applications in the not-so-distant future.