How can a national packaging business that is 65 years’ young shine a light on their innovative spirit? More cardboard boxes? No. More Cardboard Chaos. Working in tandem Liquid Agency, Ernest Packaging, Signal Productions and Raidious created a series of videos and integrated digital campaigns to document the construction of a fully functional paper snowboard, surfboard and skateboard. And, with a little help from skateboarding legend Tony Hawk’s riding ability and social following, the skateboard video surpassed over 250,000 views in its first month. Such success begs only one question… What do we do next? Build a cardboard Fender Stratocaster, that’s what. 3 million plus views in the first 90 days and it’s safe to say the cardboard Fender Stratocaster is the series’ greatest success yet.

So, peruse the photos. Check out the videos. And stay tuned to see what challenge Liquid and Ernest Packaging Solutions take on next. If you’re interested in learning more about this project or others, contact us.