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Sometimes to solve a problem, you’ve got to Swarm it.

We bring our strategists, creatives and other contributors together to collaborate with our clients across their organization. We do this early on to attack a problem from as many angles as possible, shrink timelines and get to solutions that we might never find if went down a single, linear path. It’s the way we get to better answers, faster. It’s our proven method for creating energy, focus and momentum. And it keeps ideas in a liquid state, allowing them to stay malleable and movable, and giving people the freedom to create together instead of in isolation. It’s also a scalable, adaptable, flexible method: we can Swarm a problem in a two-hour sprint or a five-day marathon. But it always takes the
 confidence and openness of everyone finding our way to the answers together. And it always ends up answering questions no one ever expected going in.