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Better together: Deliver exceptional experience by pairing quantitative data with qualitative data

The alignment of brand experience, customer experience and employee experience cultivates a circuit of authenticity wherein your brand can continually deliver on its messaging and promises. This, in turn, drives both long-term brand belief and company growth. But how can you ensure this alignment? 

One effective strategy is mixed-methods testing of both quantitative and qualitative user data—and that’s exactly what Liquid Agency’s chief strategy officer, Dennis Hahn, spoke about during a recent UserTesting presentation entitled, “Better together: Deliver exceptional experience by pairing quantitative data with qualitative data.”

During this presentation, Dennis illustrates the importance of mixed-methods testing—namely, its ability to directly involve your target audience in the creation and execution of various brand campaigns and ideas. He explores its implementation in four basic types of testing: 

  • Ingredient testing—the testing of individual product features or campaign components, such as words or designs
  • Concept testing—the testing of the overall campaign idea or offer
  • Prototype testing—the testing of the cumulative elements 
  • In-market testing—the testing of a live version of the campaign, product or service offering

By collecting both quantitative data and qualitative data during these testing processes, brands are able to gain insight into the narrative behind the data (not just the data itself), allowing for a richer understanding of audience wants and needs. In other words, with mixed-methods testing, brands can nurture more exceptional customer and employee experiences—ones that align with brand experience in a meaningful way. 

Later in the presentation, Dennis dives deeper into the user testing process, discussing key elements brands must consider before implementing a particular type of testing, such as: 

  • Various risks 
  • Go-to-market costs
  • Desired findings 
  • Ideal testing frequency

Determine your brand’s user testing needs and develop strategies for your own mixed-methods testing by watching the webinar above.

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