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Steal This Idea: The Dictionary of Brand, Google BrandLab edition

Before Google came on the scene, advertising was little more than one-way communication—companies talking “at” their customers instead of “with” their customers. But thanks to web communications, customers can now “talk back” to companies, turning brand-building into job one for all competitive businesses. Google recently established BrandLab, an innovative workshop-based program and collaborative center dedicated to helping brands get the most out of the web through education, inspiration, and hands-on practice. One of BrandLab’s first acts was to publish The Dictionary of Brand. Google asked us to write and design this groundbreaking book—no easy task in a world where definitions are evolving daily.

Liquid Agency is now making The Dictionary of Brand—otherwise available only to BrandLab participants—available free online as a SlideShare.

Sponsored by Google. Designed in Silicon Valley by Liquid. Written by yours truly.

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