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JumpCloud “Access Granted” Campaign & Our IT Heroes

New OOH, digital, audio ads targeting Seattle, Austin and Denver markets feature real IT people and mythologically-inspired copy.

When much of the working world shut down due to the pandemic, one sector of business that was tested like few others was IT. A new OOH and digital campaign for the cloud directory platform JumpCloud shines a spotlight on the brilliant IT minds that kept your company’s apps functioning properly while little else at the time was.

Entitled “Access Granted,” the campaign includes OOH, digital, audio ads that target the high-tech communities in Seattle, Austin And Denver using real-life JumpCloud customers posing in heroic fashion. The typography makes bold statements inspired by the language of sci-fi and fantasy fiction such as: “Restore order to your kingdom with but one platform”; “Slay the evils of user login”; and “May you be safe in any realm or app.” 

Along with the text, the visual elements further the “gatekeeper” idea through the use of silhouetted lighting, rich colors and, perhaps most strikingly, complex geometric shapes behind the hero image implying a sense of defending something important.

Liquid Agency’s Creative Director Jennifer Nelson noted that “Access Granted” communicates to the IT community that JumpCloud not only gets who they are as people, but also understands the pressure they work under. “By leaning into mythological language, we’re suggesting that JumpCloud has the tools that will make its audience champions within their organizations. This is what resonated with the client.”

Strategic Media Buy

Rather than a broader national media buy, the JumpCloud campaign launched in three specific markets: Seattle, Austin and Denver (JumpCloud’s headquarters) where there is a high volume of tech-enabled businesses with bold placements designed to get attention. 

“JumpCloud felt they needed to do something over and above to break through and the spot market strategy made the most sense,” explained Darin Albers, the VP of Media at Liquid Agency. “We’re also trying some new things for them like programmatic OOH in office, residential and entertainment venues and audience-targeted podcast buys, including NPR.” 

The placements include a domination throughout Seattle’s Capitol Hill transit station, the largest wall spectacular in the city located across from the stadiums Lumen Field and T-Mobile Park, home to the city’s NFL, MLB and MLS teams, as well as numerous billboards, kiosks and bus/train wraps across Austin and Denver.

Cate Lochead, CMO of JumpCloud, said, “From a marketing perspective, we knew we needed to partner with an agency that not only understood our business and customers, but also how to credibly engage with IT teams through a clever campaign. Liquid Agency understands how tech people think.”

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