Design your tribe
A 1-day workshop for marketing leaders and their team.
Bring your team and learn to apply some of the key tenets of Brand Flip—Marty Neumeier’s latest book that helps brands transform themselves into movements that customers will eagerly co-create, grow and nourish. The workshop focuses on designing your ideal tribe. For this day we will stop thinking about how to improve and position your products and instead focus on improving and positioning your customers. Who are the ones who will fight for your success? Who is your ideal tribe? Through a series of interactive group exercises we will build out your Brand Commitment Matrix—a simple framework for modeling the relationship between your customers and your brand.

What we need from you
Up to 10 brave marketers representing a single brand, willing to take a fresh approach to their brand 6 hours of their time Just a little pre work—you supply us with your brand’s current purpose, differentiation statement, and set of values
What you’ll learn
How the world has flipped and what it means for marketers A new way to think about customers as tribes and how to lead them How to design your brand’s tribe—who they are, what they want and how they belong How to use the Brand Commitment Matrix to identify how your brand’s and your ideal tribe’s values are aligned—and what adjustments will create greater customer commitment
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