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Liquid Agency builds on its Ex, Cx and Bx offerings with MindHandle acquisition

At Liquid Agency, we’re committed to helping our clients foster exceptional employee experiences (Ex), customer experiences (Cx) and brand experiences (Bx), as we know they’re integral to overall brand success—especially in today’s competitive corporate environment.

We’re thrilled to have acquired the Dallas-based employment branding agency MindHandle to expand the scope of our Ex offerings across our client base and build on our leading position as a comprehensive consultancy. Together with select leadership from MindHandle, we’ll be able to ensure that even more brands actualize robust employee experiences that align with both Cx and Bx.

Who is MindHandle?

Established in 2010, MindHandle is an employee communications agency that helps companies attract and retain talent in large, distributed workforces. Their work has led to finding and celebrating brand champions—individuals who are the best versions of themselves at work because they care deeply about the culture. 

According to MindHandle CEO Eric Harris, “The world’s greatest brands don’t just tell us what to do and what to buy. They remind us who we really are. That awakening shouldn’t be limited to our experiences as consumers. That should happen at work, where we spend a third of our lives!” 

Aligning with Liquid Agency

Liquid Agency CEO Scott Gardner notes, “With the ever-changing landscape of how employers need to pivot post-pandemic to remain competitive, Liquid Agency’s employee experience and culture practice is currently our area of greatest growth and demand.” He continues: “Joining forces with MindHandle, a pure-play employee experience agency, allows us to add scale and fresh ideas for the future.”

By expanding our industry experience and unlocking the South-Central U.S. region, we’ll be gaining a rich portfolio of staff experience, positioning Liquid Agency to build on these relationships and integrate insights across its client base.

The future of value-driven, comprehensive Ex is here

For the past 20 years, Liquid Agency has grown through strategic acquisitions, so we’re confident that bringing MindHandle on board will help us continue to optimize our clients’ Ex, bridge the gap to Cx and Bx and create even more brand champions—and believers.

Welcome, MindHandle.

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