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Liquid Agency and Avasta release first installment of Challenger Index

In an era marked by rapid changes in business models and the dramatically shortened lifespan of public companies, the need for innovative and sustainable strategies has never been greater. Which is why we are thrilled to announce we have published the first installment of the Liquid x Avasta Challenger Index.

This installment of the Liquid x Avasta Challenger Index focuses on B2B products, analyzing brands in one of six categories: B2B AI, business intelligence, CRM, cybersecurity, database management and market automation.

In partnership with Avasta, The Profitable Growth Company, we developed the index to challenge conventional metrics of brand success and gain a clearer understanding of how end-buyers, decision-makers and power users perceive products and services in various categories. 

The index is designed to redefine the metrics of business achievement by integrating diverse market segments. It offers executives a detailed and comprehensive view of their brand’s standing and potential in the market. 

Unlike subjective reports, the Liquid x Avasta Challenger Index employs a neutral, outside-in assessment strategy, focusing on how end-buyers, decision-makers and power users perceive products or services within their respective categories.

The index is structured to identify the top three brands in each category by market share—the incumbents—and the brands most likely to usurp them—the challengers—based on actionable insights from buyers and other stakeholders. 

The index shifts focus toward a future outlook and introduces the concept of “brand momentum” as a predictor of future category leadership or potential decline. Through this unique approach, we redefine business strategy through the lens of brand competitiveness. 

Some critical insights and emerging themes from the report include:

  • Navigating niche markets and evolving beyond traditional metrics
  • The complex dynamics of market encroachment and independent innovation
  • Profitability, buyer preferences and brand momentum
  • The surprising drivers of B2B growth and purchase decisions

Ultimately, the brands best positioned to weather the storm within their categories and fend off threats from cross-industry giants are those committed to innovation and brand momentum.

Download the first installment today. The next segment of the index, focusing on B2C products, is expected in April 2024.

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