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Work from aweigh?

Over the past 23 years, clients and employees alike have asked, “What does the name Liquid stand for?” There have been a lot of theories. We love a good cocktail, we’re fluid and collaborative, we’re a core element in bringing brands to life. All of these are great guesses, but what very few know is the name is actually an acronym, and it’s the brainchild of our founder and CEO, Scott Gardner. Today, we’re proud to announce those six letters are being put into action.

L.I.Q.U.I.D., The Learning Institute for Quixotic Undersea Innovation and Development, will open its hatches to the public on 4.1.23. Our new 12,000-square-foot facility is submerged 108 feet in the ‘Au’au Channel, between Lāna’i and Maui. Aside from the fact that this location is ideal for whale watching, snorkeling, swimming with sea turtles, dolphins, and mantas, and exploring the ancient and living coral reefs, it’s also just a really quiet and relaxing place to get some work done. ‘Au’au does mean “to take a bath” in Hawaiian. Enough said.

For employees, this has already proven to be the perfect location to achieve that ideal work/life balance, with many of our crew opting to live in Lahaina and take the L.I.Q.U.I.D. STS (Submarine Transit System) for a simple, submerged commute. In fact, those reading this may have noticed a ruddy glow on many of our Zoom faces during the workweek, which we can now openly admit was NOT some sort of ring light trickery, but just a good old suntan. Speaking of work—our new headquarters will, of course, prove to be the prime location to build brands for our new clients in the 50th state of the union. And with Japan just 3,850 miles away, there are plans in the works to purchase an additional, high-speed corporate submarine for business trips.

We make this announcement with great pride, and we’re very thankful to all of those within our port-holed walls who’ve been able to keep this under wraps during our four-plus years of development and construction. Tans aside, there were other, major hints along the way that could have blown the surprise out of the water. Take our internship program, The Dive Shop, for example. Or our chief strategy officer, Dennis Hahn, and his penchant for all things Tiki. Or all of those “fake” fish backgrounds on the calls. The list goes on. But at long last, we’re ready to welcome one and all to take a tour. Just call us from Maui and look for that L-shaped periscope. We’ll come and get you.

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