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Steal This Idea: Brand positioning

Companies need positioning because customers have choices—and if you don’t stand out, you lose. Positioning is what differentiates a brand in the customer’s mind. To win the positioning game answer this simple question: What makes you the “only”?

The problem is, answering such a simple question isn’t that easy. One way to approach it is to think about why your brand matters. At Neutron, we take our clients through a series of steps to discover what makes them the only, which is nothing less than a journey to the core of their business. Remember, you can’t advertise your way to onliness—you have to start with it.

Use the image above in your next strategy meeting to get the conversation going about what makes you the only. You’ll be surprised how quickly you start talking about the things that really matter.

This isn’t the only way to find a powerful position in the market, but no matter how you get there, if you can’t say why your brand is both different and compelling in a few words, don’t fix your statement… fix your company.

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