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Steal This Idea: Brand messaging

Ever wondered how a mission statement relates to a tagline, whom a purpose statement matters to, or what a trueline is?

Developing effective brand messaging is a complex task, but it’s crucial to articulate your brand’s value proposition to everyone—from employees to vendors to customers. Strong, clear messaging emanates from a strong, clear purpose. A carefully considered messaging system allows you to dramatize the uniqueness of your brand and spread the word effectively.

Use this simple slide to help illustrate how your brand’s messaging elements move outward from its core purpose.

Purpose (never changes)
The fundamental reason your company is in business beyond making money.

Mission (can change every 10-25 years)
An over-arching strategy for achieving your purpose.

Vision (can change every 7-15 years)
A bold picture of the future to focus everyone’s efforts on the mission.

Trueline (can change every 3-10 years)
An internal expression of your brand’s most compelling differentiator.

Tagline (can change every 1-5 years)
An out-facing expression of your trueline.

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