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Experience Liquid: An amazing party!

Liquid Agency in San Jose threw a party to celebrate the fact that we’re now ranked the No.1 agency in Silicon Valley. It was an opportunity to also showcase our Brand Experience work and explain Silicon Valley Thinking. The party was crowded with technology innovators, venture capitalists, designers and even a few celebrities – like the beautiful Jessica Pare – who plays Megan Draper on the show Mad Men. Thank you to all that helped make the night such a fun time.

A well attended party.

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We’re still in shock at having been ranked the No.1 agency in Silicon Valley. And thought it was opportune that we throw a little party.. So, we invited some of our colleagues, friends, and partners – and about 100 people walked through our doors to help us celebrate. Our guests includes some of our clients from the worlds of technology, fashion, sports, and consumer products – as well as a mix of entrepreneurs, VCs, executives, reporters, government officials, artists and designers. We even had a cameo appearance by Jessica Pare – who plays Donald Draper’s wife (Megan Draper) on the hit show, Mad Men. Jessica is not only talented and beautiful – but also super nice, smart and surprisingly tech-savvy. The diversity of the crowd made the evening a wonderful opportunity for inspiring conversations, with much sharing of ideas – as well as business cards.

An opportunity to experience Brand Experience.

ExperienceLiquid_2The party was also an opportunity to learn more about how we define and deliver Brand Experience. We created a set of panels that included video components and various levels of interaction – all designed to help explain why we’ve chosen to focus on Brand Experience as the vehicle by which we help our clients move their business forward. The wall included a section on the Product Design, and one on Service Design – two disciplines that will definitely help shape the direction of our business – as well as the value that we can add to our clients.

A client showcase featured recent (and not so recent work).

ExperienceLiquid_3On of the rooms of our San Jose office was transformed into a client showcase experience. Large panels provided some insight into the objectives, process and results associated with various client projects or relationships. We shared some of the work we’ve done recently for up-n-coming brands, like Mynd and Neato Robotics as well as the extraordinary work we were able to deliver for the government of Chile – through a campaign designed to inspire innovation within the country. Additionally we featured recent work for TLC (Jeep and Budweiser), Google, Olive and Walmart. And we also shared a snapshot of the work we’ve done for Intel over the last 20+ years. The panels included videos as well as images representing work that we’ve created collaboratively with our clients

An international set of authors and partners.

Guests were able to talk in person with Mary Neumeier, our Director of Transformation and resident brand guru. Marty was on hand to discuss the Talent Finder Quiz with people that took the quiz at the event. The Talent Finder Quiz is a simple test that helps people assess their personal METASKILLS – the subject (and title) of Marty’s latest book. Also present was Mark Shaw, the President of Liquid Europe and an acclaimed author as well. At the party Mark signed copies of his book, COPYWRITING – which is now in its second edition and has been translated into multiple languages. Additionally, Andrés Correa, the Director of Brand Strategy from our office in Santiago, Chile was also there – having flown to San Jose from Santiago especially for the occasion, to represent our Latin America counterparts. He has not written a book, yet – but may give it a shot after spending time with Marty and Mark.

A big thanks.


First of all I would like to thank all of our guests. Many of them drove down from San Francisco, while others flew in from New York, Portland, London, Santiago and other faraway places. It was fun to see so many people we had not seen in a while. Secondly, I would like to thank all of our clients, who have helped us become the No.1 agency in Silicon Valley by trusting us to work along with them and for being incredible collaborators and co-creators of remarkable brand experiences. Lastly, I’d like to thank all of the people at Liquid who worked so hard to make the evening a memorable and festive occasion. It’s truly a pleasure to work with so many smart, talented, hard-working and fun-lovig people. And it was super nice to celebrate our accomplishments and our good fortune together.

Next, Portland. We hope to see you there.

We’re now getting ready for a repeat performance in Portland in a little over a week. We will be throwing a party in our new offices in PDX, and we’re doing it at the same time as Design Week Portland. And Marty Neumeier will also be speaking at The Cleaners in The Ace Hotel on October 9. Proceeds benefit the AIGA Portland Design Education scholarship. Maybe we’ll see you there?

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