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How to make your customers fall in love with you.

Technology, mobility and access, among other things, have dramatically changed the retail landscape. The future of retail is bigger than flashy technology and the hyper-connected Internet of Things. In this new world, the consumer is in charge. Retailers and brands must build meaningful relationships if they want to see continued sales growth. And the way to do this is by getting to know your customers well, cater to their needs, create moments of delight, stay connected, be nice to their friends and invite them to share their thoughts and experiences. In other words, retail is a lot like dating.

Make them fall in love with you.

We believe that when shopping—whether via desktop, mobile, social or in-store—the retail experience should feel less like a path to purchase and more like a first date that went really, really well. So well that the customer is already thinking of the 10th date – so well, that neither brand, nor customer, can think of being with anyone else. And that means creating a really great experience. The experience is so important that some innovative retailers are suggesting the industry measure success not by “sales per square foot,” but instead focus on “experiences per square foot.” We created this infographic in an effort to capture and synthesize some key data points we have been observing, and offer a few “dating” tips. We hope you’ll find it useful as you court your customers and watch them fall in love with you.

Retail Experience

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