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2014 Silicon Valley ADDY Awards

What an eventful night! We enjoyed the company of our Silicon Valley peers, and we also celebrates the fact that Liquid walked away with more awards than ever before—20 to be exact! We received awards across a diverse set of projects ranging from brand identities to videos, from packaging to apps—for a list of clients that includes HP, Google, Motorola, Good, Flicks, Mynd, Ernest, and more. We’re honored and excited, and truly grateful for the opportunity to do award-winning work for amazing clients.

A record year for the ADDY awards!


The Liquid team joined other talented Silicon Valley agencies at the 2014 Silicon Valley ADDYs hosted by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Silicon Valley. This annual competition, includes work done by agencies across the Bay Area and recognizes the very best in design, advertising and communications across a variety of categories, including traditional as well as digital disciplines. This year’s celebration was held  at Method 42 Productions, a company specializing in event design. We celebrated the night away with friends from the creative community and at the end of the evening we proudly took home a total of 20 awards—more than we have ever won at the ADDYs!

We are proud of our works, our clients, and our people!


“Each of the projects that received an ADDY was the result of our collaborative approach with our clients—so they deserve the credit as much as we do. When we work, we don’t think about winning awards. We think about creating results for our clients.” said Scott Gardner, President and CEO of Liquid Agency. “That said, we are incredibly proud of the talented teams we have at Liquid. We have been able to attract people who are passionate, collaborative, and fully committed to delivering world-class branding work across many different disciplines. I feel very lucky to have the chance to work with such an amazing group!”


HP: Chromebook 11 packaging
The HP Chromebook is an ultra-minimalist and super-affordable device. Along with our client we agreed that the packaging solution should echo the qualities of the product, focusing on simplicity. Specifically, we wanted to do less, not more. The inspiration for the final package came from a humble take-out box that is perfectly functional and compostable. Liquid worked closely with the client’s structural packaging designers and engaged them in an experimental design process that required both diligence and risk—and ultimately led to an innovative new package that is minimalist not only aesthetically, but also in terms of its environmental impact.


Ficks Cocktail Fortifier packaging
The HP Chromebook is an ultra-minimalist and super-affordable device. Along with our client we agreed that the packaging solution should echo the qualities of the product, focusing on simplicity. Specifically, we wanted to do less, not more. The inspiration for the final package came from a humble take-out box that is perfectly functional and compostable. Liquid worked closely with the client’s structural packaging designers and engaged them in an experimental design process that required both diligence and risk—and ultimately led to an innovative new package that is minimalist not only aesthetically, but also in terms of its environmental impact.


Metaskills book cover
The pages of Metaskills offer a sweeping and innovative vision for personal mastery in a post-industrial era. In this book, Marty Neumeier presents the five metaskills that will accelerate your success: feeling, seeing, dreaming, making, and learning. These skills will keep you two or three steps ahead of the machines, the algorithms, and the outsourcing forces of the “robot curve.” They’ll also bring you greater creativity, higher purpose, and a deeper sense of fulfillment. The cover was illustrated and designed by Marty Neumeier—who continues to amaze all of us with his thought-provoking ideas and his award-winning design skills.


The Dictionary of Brand book design
Google recently established BrandLab to help brands get the most out of the web through education, inspiration, and hands-on practice. One of BrandLab’s first initiatives was to start creating a “linguistic foundation” for the practice of branding, enabling specialists from different disciplines to work together in a larger community and share a common language. Liquid embraced the challenge and created The Dictionary of Brand—a groundbreaking resource written by Marty Neumeier, Liquid’s Director of Transformation. The Dictionary of Brand is a “relational” glossary containing 500 interconnected terms in brand strategy, advertising, design, innovation, and management. Although many of the terms are widely used by brand specialists, some have yet to appear in other dictionaries. Liquid has made the entire book freely available via SlideShare—you can download and view it here.


Mynd calendar app
Alminder’s underlying concepts and engineering abilities are top notch, but they realized that in order to compete in the calendaring app space they needed to develop a brand that would stand out from the crowd—so they asked Liquid to help. Working collaboratively with our client we helped rename the app, Mynd, and created the product identity—along with an innovative customizable “home screen” that functions as a dashboard for the day’s activities. Mynd has received rave reviews including C-Net and Wired that described it this way: “Mynd stands out… for having modernized the calendar the same way Evernote expanded text documents.”


Ficks Cocktail Fortifier logo
This new breed of cocktail mixers is crafted with all natural ingredients that contain a high percentage of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants shown to prevent a rough morning after. Liquid was tasked with the brand development. We created the name Ficks to suggest that it helps “fix” the negative effects of alcohol, and we positioned the product as a “Cocktail Fortifier” for the same reason. The wordmark was a modern interpretation of traditional apothecary typography—which we twisted to subtly communicate that it reverses the effects of alcohol.


Moto X Best Buy display
The Moto X Best Buy display is a one-stop retail experience where customers can learn everything they need to know about Moto X. Customers can interact with the phone, see and  touch all of the different color shell options, or watch video content on tablets to get all the information they need about the phone.



Kareo print ads
Over the course of the past year Kareo has worked closely with Liquid to evolve its brand. As part of this ongoing effort, Liquid crafted a campaign to increase awareness and energy around the brand. The campaign features informal and unconventional portraits of doctors as passionate professionals who care a great deal about taking care of their patients—yet have to spend a substantial amount of time on administrative work. Kareo is juxtaposed as the solution that gets doctors back to their practice.


Ernest Packaging: Big Foot video
Can Ernest Packaging Solutions take on a challenge in the great outdoors facing rugged terrain, rivers, and a mythological beast? You bet your Sasquatch they can. This humorous video is part of a series that features Tim Wilson, the CEO of Ernest, in a variety of unexpected situations—each offering insight into the diverse capabilities of the company.


Good Technology sales overview video
Good’s executive team asked Liquid to develop an exciting, fast-paced video for their annual sales conference. The video was designed to also be a sales tool highlighting the new mobile workspace and how it changes business and work. The script delivers a strong clear message while the motion graphics make it fun to watch.


Plazm at Liquid Space exhibition poster
This limited edition poster was designed to commemorate an exhibition celebrating 22 years of Plazm—a magazine of design, art, and culture with worldwide distribution. Started by artists as a creative resource, the magazine is now published by the nonprofit New Oregon Arts & Letters. Joshua Berger, who is currently the Content Director at Liquid is a founder and creative director of Plazm. The exhibition was held at Liquid Space PDX—Liquid Agency’s experimental gallery in Portland.


Pulse Health: Revelar logo
Revelar is a revolutionary breath test that effectively measures aldehydes—known indicators of free radical damage—and thus the risk of oxidative stress—in an easy, near patient, non-invasive way. To support the launch, we were tasked with developing the product experience—including the industrial design and the user interface—as well as the brand’s visual style, out of box experience, marketing collateral, website, and user portal.


Mynd logo
Mynd is a new iPhone app that syncs with existing calendars and Evernote, using your location, social network, contacts, and LinkedIn data to help manage your day (without compromising your privacy). It combines the information into one dashboard and tells you within one screen what is on the agenda for your next meeting, who the meeting is with, where it is, and the amount of travel time required to get there. By leveraging built-in iPhone sensors, Mynd becomes everyone’s virtual assistant.


Moto X Retail video series
Liquid has been working with Motorola’s team to develop a series of retail videos touting the amazing features and benefits of the new Moto X smart phone. In these fast paced videos, the phone itself is the hero, and the benefits are presented in clear and clever ways.


Pallet Guy microsite
In 2011 Ernest Packaging Solutions acquired Commercial Box & Pallet in San Diego. The company had been in business for over 30 years and established a solid customer base and brand presence. Since the acquisition, the company moved onto the premises of Ernest’s San Diego location and has started to transform itself into an Ernest Packaging Solutions company. Management decided to retain the Pallet Guy name, so we created a playful identity and a new website to reflect their new brand.



Cinequest Film Festival campaign
Cinequest’s 2014 theme “Connect” is meant to remind us of how powerfully film can connect audiences with human emotions—from love and wonder, to sorrow and fear—all the while instilling audiences with excitement, inspiration, and curiosity. “Connect” also refers to how the festival enables movie lovers to get in touch—not only with new films, but with filmmakers, artists, and each other. Liquid Agency was responsible for the brand development and creative direction of all print and digital elements of the campaign and collaborated with Guerrilla Wanderers, a local video production firm, to develop the animated spots.


A11FL logo
A11FL is a new football league where all eleven players are eligible receivers on each play—making the game more fast-paced than traditional football. Although the game is slightly different, we decided it was best to align the identity with that of other leagues, so A11FL would be considered at the same level. As a result, we a created a logo that honors football’s past while reflecting the A11FL’s commitment to moving the game into the future. A football and stripes are a nod to the American flag and suggest the chalk on a football field. The asymmetrical design suggests a sense of dynamic motion and underscores the fast-paced nature of the sport.


Acumed logo
Acumed, a leader in developing innovative orthopedic solutions to the medical industry, approached Liquid to refresh its identity. The new identity was a great opportunity to communicate a blend of technical accuracy and healing care. This idea informed a design solution that uses custom designed lowercase letterforms and clean, efficient, modern shapes and color as a way to express a sense of precision and innovation, while also evoking notions of approachability and optimism.


C2SV logo
This Music Festival and Technology Conference is shaping to become one of the most important events in Silicon Valley. Liquid Agency was delighted to be asked to work on the brand development. The C2SV brand identity was designed to reflect the transformative nature of technological innovation while also capturing the irreverent, artistic edge of new music. The brand identity system has been very flexible, and we expect it will continue to evolve over the years.


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