Steadying Your Brand in the Eye of the Storm

Our own Scott Gardner was recently a co-panelist on a virtual forum, Marketing & Branding in a Time of Political & Economic Turmoil. He was joined by Mike Lee, CEO of Manticore, in discussing how brands are staying upright in an upside-down world.  A huge thanks to the Association for Corporate Growth, Silicon Valley, for…

Brand Experiences Become More Agile & Look to Hybridization

As consumers feel the strain of constant turmoil, brand experiences have to answer the call—quickly and deftly. This means brands need to not only adapt but put energy into fluid thinking. And with so much attention on the benefits of digital, we are reminded that brick-and-mortar still holds much potential.

Building Customer Relationships Through Touchpoints and Connection

Despite the obvious need for social distancing, customer experience strategies are finding ways to cultivate new and existing relationships. Brands are merging digital and physical spaces to better navigate around the COVID-19 pandemic and foster meaningful brand-customer connections. Customer experiences also have to consider consumers’ emotions and how their brand’s values are perceived.

The Future of Work: Blending Digital & Physical, Building Employee Connecti…

Our September edition of Dispatch X covers how the new normal is reshaping employee experiences. Among the employee experience changes are workspaces. We take a look at what merging physical and digital touchpoints means to both brands and employees.

When Life Gave Coupa Software Lemons…

We recently launched our global TV brand campaign for our flourishing clients at Coupa. Both the agency and the client teams couldn’t have been more pleased. So, we thought we’d share a brief case study of our experience.

Customer Empathy in Marketing & Messaging Development

Our thanks to the viewers and participants who joined our joint virtual conversation with UserTesting on Sept. 10, 2020. We appreciate your time and great questions during our Q&A.   For those of you who were unable to attend, feel free to watch the webinar on demand here or read the recap below. The virtual sit-down…

ServiceNow Explores the Future of its Internal Incubator

Pivot to Progress. Let’s face it, developing forward-thinking solutions around an organization’s challenges is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. But instead of seeing this truth as an obstacle, we saw it as an opportunity—an opportunity to pivot. It inspired us to create three workshop modules that tackle complex business problems with a highly collaborative, quick–turn…

How Brands are Pivoting to Stay Connected With Employees and Customers During CO…

Facing a world dictated by a new normal, brands are now confronted with changes in the measure of success and how to get there. Brands are called to reevaluate their foundations, from their business models to how they create value. They must also define or refine their foundational meaning to drive brands forward as they…

Creating Meaningful Customer Experience Connections During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, connection and support have become vital in building meaningful experiences. The health crisis has brought a heightened awareness around the value of human connection. It’s also revealed the importance of reducing friction and anxiety in all customer interactions—anticipating, rewarding, effort and making life easier are key. Customer experiences are now focusing on…

With No End in Sight to COVID-19, Companies Need to Increase Their Focus on EX

In our latest edition of Dispatch X, learn why we are not feeling prepared to handle the new normal. This shouldn’t surprise most of us. However, it’s easy for companies to assume their employees are adapting and are able to power through any and all challenges.

Media Strategy and Pandemic: The Certainty of Uncertainty

What a surreal time it has been. Or still is. The pandemic has distorted all sense of time. But one certainty is that our transition into a quarantine has been turbulent. Like most industries, media have experienced their own trials. Specifically, paid media and March’s massive re-shuffling of client programs. Not a single one remained…

How Swarming Breaks Down Silos to Build Breakthrough Solutions

Chief Strategy Officer Dennis Hahn spoke with Dominic Monkhouse of The Melting Pot podcast about how our Swarming method pulls solutions from the very essence of a business using our secret sauce—enlisting a diversity of thought.