Employee experience still matters. Now more than ever.

With teams scattered and company cohesion hanging by a sketchy WiFi connection, it’s more important than ever to deliver a great employee experience. At our recent webinar, Katie Wagner, Liquid’s Agency’s VP of Employee, and guest speaker David Johnson, Principal Analyst at Forrester, talked about how to connect your employees’ success with your brand, your…

The Liquid Agency Reverse Workweek™

In August of 2020, six months into the challenging experiment of working remotely, we found ourselves at a crossroads. With Zoom fatigue, constant IM and email maintenance and just plain old cabin fever, we needed to arrive at a solution to reinvigorate the ranks. We rose to the challenge by implementing our signature agile approach…

We have 31 new reasons to be grateful.

Once again, Liquid Agency dominated at the 2021 AAF-Silicon Valley ADDYs. We took home a whopping 31 awards, which is most definitely a record for us. Here’s a rundown of the winning work:

To support women in the workplace, culture is key.

It’s Women’s History Month 2021, and on the surface, things look pretty good. Our first female vice president just took office. Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd just became the youngest female CEO to take a company public. And Kim Ng is the first woman to be the general manager of a Major League Baseball team. Yet…

How to create something new when every day is the same

Happy Groundhog Day! Wait, hasn’t it been Groundhog Day for the last 323 days? When every waking hour feels exactly the same, it can be difficult to stay creative. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research and found ways to keep things fresh for all those times when you feel like you’ve been living in…

In times of crisis, playing it safe is often the riskiest move.

Meet turmoil by embracing change. Chaos isn’t predictable, but it is inevitable. Plunging markets. Health crises. Declining natural resources. Societal and political upheaval. It’s all happened before. And will likely happen again. However, companies continue to react to these uncertainties by defaulting to past experiences. All too often, leaders have navigated disorder by holding steady…

We’re going to need a bigger trophy case.

Another year, another show-stealing performance from Liquid Agency at the Silicon Valley ADDY Awards. We nearly doubled our award count from 2019, taking home seventeen pieces of hardware across twelve separate categories. Our biggest winners? Ernest Packaging Solutions and Walmart, who received twelve awards in total.

Liquid Agency breaks the fourth wall for the first-ever UserTesting spots

After nine long months of quarantining, we all want to climb out of our Zoom windows and actually interact with our clients and coworkers. Free ourselves from that video conference with mom and dad and just lean over and give them a big hug. Fortunately for us at Liquid Agency, UserTesting let us do it….

Brand Experiences Deepen With Changing Content Consumption

Brands are quickly discovering that it’s not enough to simply produce and share content. Consumers’ expectations have been steadily changing. And the new normal has accelerated the shift. Connecting with audiences now requires brand experiences to understand and keep pace with changes in content consumption. Customers now seek out more active participation and creation in…

Customer Experiences: Content is King of Connection

From special interest communities to video games, consumers are seeking to connect—particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer experiences are revealing trends in consumer participation, driving more activity in community-building. We’re also seeing brands serving as platforms as a way to help more people engage, connect and better understand themselves. The opposite is also true. As…

Brands, Customers and Employees Connect by Redesigning Consumption

With workforces continuing to work from anywhere, companies are developing both content and delivery platforms to replicate working from the office to support connection and community with employees.

Steadying Your Brand in the Eye of the Storm

Our own Scott Gardner was recently a co-panelist on a virtual forum, Marketing & Branding in a Time of Political & Economic Turmoil. He was joined by Mike Lee, CEO of Manticore, in discussing how brands are staying upright in an upside-down world.  A huge thanks to the Association for Corporate Growth, Silicon Valley, for…