Media Strategy and Pandemic: The Certainty of Uncertainty

What a surreal time it has been. Or still is. The pandemic has distorted all sense of time. But one certainty is that our transition into a quarantine has been turbulent. Like most industries, media have experienced their own trials. Specifically, paid media and March’s massive re-shuffling of client programs. Not a single one remained…

How Swarming Breaks Down Silos to Build Breakthrough Solutions

Chief Strategy Officer Dennis Hahn spoke with Dominic Monkhouse of The Melting Pot podcast about how our Swarming method pulls solutions from the very essence of a business using our secret sauce—enlisting a diversity of thought.

Post-trends Report: Finding Advantages in Adaptation

We’ve heard a lot about the intimidating unknowns of the “new normal.” It’s time to talk about why embracing an adaptation mindset is ultimately to our advantage.

Getting to the Heart of the Problem

We recently worked with UserTesting on their latest brand campaign, which happened to run in the midst of a global pandemic. We’re featuring our recent client case study as a case in point: when you work with great people, you can always knock it out of the park, no matter what turns the year might…

How Brands are Listening to Customer and Employee Concerns of Racial Injustice

Our latest Dispatch X features a curated list of resources of organizations committed to creating equitable experiences for customers and employees alike. 

Liquid Interns Dive Deep to Raise the Voices of LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

This Pride Month, we recall how our Dive Shop interns collaborated with StartOut to help LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs develop their platform. Last year, our Dive Shop intern program led a pro bono project for StartOut—a nonprofit organization connecting the LGBTQ+ business community with investors and industry professionals to help their businesses grow through events, mentorship and…

In times of Uncertainty, Liquid Can Help you Get to the Future

Introducing Pivot to What’s Next—a fast and innovative new way for organizations to tackle complex business challenges.   The pandemic has caused major economic upheaval. Organizations are facing completely unique—and, in some cases, even existential—challenges. What have we done to help them? We pivoted. So now, you can too.

Our Swarming has gone virtual. The power is still actual.

Even when we’re not all in the same room, we can still help move your organization forward with Virtual Swarming.   Liquid developed Swarming as a core method of our Silicon Valley Thinking™ to define how we work with our clients. To “Swarm” is to unleash the power of simultaneous collaboration by bringing together a…

How Brands are Adapting to Changing Consumer and Employee Needs?

COVID-19 continues to disrupt the way brands, customers and employees interact. Current research shows that customers and employees expect brands to show leadership during this crisis and do everything they can to help their employees, customers and communities.  Brands that have not already, are realizing that they need to be agile and proactive so that…

Talent. Of the Liquid Variety.

The inspiration. We specialize in experience at Liquid Agency. But what happens when you’re experiencing an experience that no one’s ever experienced before? You stay loose, go a little off script and find a way to bring levity while bringing everyone together. We did it by putting Zoom to good use (i.e. not for meetings),…

New Director to Scale Liquid’s Strategy Discipline

Andres Correa brings global vision, innovative approach to Liquid Agency. We’re excited to announce that Andres Correa has joined Liquid Agency as Director of Strategy. Andres will be responsible for leading Liquid’s strategy discipline on a day-to-day basis, including strategy delivery for Liquid’s clients. Andres has already been a part of the Liquid extended family…

How Brands are Communicating and Helping During the Corona Virus Crisis

Introducing Dispatch X, from Liquid: where brand experience, customer experience and employee experience come together in one consolidated hub. From success stories to cautionary tales, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in today’s climate. This month’s entry revolves around how companies are adapting to COVID-19, with a special focus on staying…