Strategy Camp 2018

Liquid’s Strategy group gathered in the Pacific Northwest for a 3-day event to foster education and sharing. 20 strategists converged from nine locations, the furthest coming from Santiago, Chile. The event included nine sessions lead by strategy teams and six workshares. All activities were designed to bolster our true community of practice.

Accenture Interactive Leader Deepens Management Ranks: Christopher Rowlison Name…

Liquid Agency is expanding its senior leadership ranks with the addition of Christopher Rowlison, who joins the 18-year-old strategy and Brand Culture agency as president. He comes to Liquid from Wire Stone, part of Accenture Interactive, where he was SVP/chief client officer. Christopher assumes the president role from Scott Gardner, who will remain CEO of…

Scramble is out! The race to transform company culture through agile strategy ha…

The day is here! After five years of research, experimentation, and writing, Scramble: How Agile Strategy Can Build Epic Brands, has finally hit the streets.

Coming soon: A novel approach to brand strategy

What if the best way to learn a new business approach is by reading a novel? I believe it is. As veterans of the strategy wars know, sometimes it really is a dark and rainy night. Here’s a sneak peak at the story and the principles at the center of it.

Pre-launch news roundup for Scramble

Our own Marty Neumeier, author of the forthcoming “business thriller” Scramble, has an eye for brand expertise. The reviewers who appear on the book jacket are a Who’s Who of thought leaders in brand strategy and management. Here are their quotes about Scramble, and a little about each of their own books. All are highly…

Discover how Culture impacts brands

For better or worse, what you believe is a huge part of what your brand delivers. Just ask Papa John’s.

The buzz is ramping up for Marty Neumeier’s latest book Scramble.

Who reads business books anymore? Lots of people, if the book is by Marty Neumeier. Our resident thought leader has a knack for making complex subjects not only understandable but fun, yes, actually fun. His latest book, due out on October 1, is pure thrill ride. A list of select individuals who have gotten a…

The Liquefying Experience

Greetings from Liquid Agency, I’m the new strategy intern around here. The name is Oscar. This is a series of posts documenting of my journey here at Liquid, and the experiences I’ve had as a strategy intern.

Can you inspire innovation with a boring book?

Business books are almost universally dull, even when their subjects are fascinating. Our resident author Marty Neumeier has some fascinating things to say about boring books. He also has a new book that’s anything but.

The “best marketing podcast anywhere” features Liquid CEO Scott Gardner

BeanCast, the definitive weekly conversation on trends that impact your brand just passed the 500 episode milestone and featured our CEO Scott Gardner.

One best in show and more top honors go to Liquid Agency.

At Liquid, we’re proud of the work we do for our clients. From our collaborative Swarms to the final product, it’s always a group effort. This year, those efforts have been rewarded pretty handsomely. From a Rosey Award up in Portland to a coveted American Advertising (ADDY) Award in the District 14 competition in the…

A Brand Workshop with Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier, bestselling author of The Brand Gap, The Brand Flip and ZAG will lead a three-day workshop in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. You’ll learn the latest principles of brand strategy while applying them to your own brand.