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With COVID-19, Companies Must Focus on EX Planning

In our latest edition of Dispatch X, learn why we are not feeling prepared to handle the new normal. This shouldn’t surprise most of us. However, it’s easy for companies to assume their employees are adapting and are able to power through any and all challenges.

Looking Beyond Employees: Recognizing the Individual

Since every employee is experiencing unique challenges, companies must view their staff as individuals and attend to each person’s whole self. An industrial-sized approach won’t cut it. Companies need to be deliberate in how to support their employees. Now more than ever, organizations have to start supporting their employees on a personal basis to ensure their employees feel prepared, supported and aligned.

Dispatch X July Edition

Check out our latest edition of Dispatch X from Liquid: where brand experience, customer experience and employee experience come together in one consolidated hub. This month’s edition includes articles on how companies are—”Redefining Employee Experience: How to Create a “New Normal” and why “As COVID-19 Continues, Employees Are Feeling Less Prepared.”

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