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ServiceNow Explores the Future of its Internal Incubator

Pivot to Progress. Let’s face it, developing forward-thinking solutions around an organization’s challenges is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. But instead of seeing this truth as an obstacle, we saw it as an opportunity—an opportunity to pivot. It inspired us to create three workshop modules that tackle complex business problems with a highly collaborative, quickturn approach. We call this offering Pivot to What’s Next.

Our Collaborators & Co-Creators

ServiceNow is an industry-leading platform-as-a-service (PaaS) software company dedicated to reducing the complexity in people’s jobs and making work work better for everybody. They do this by transforming old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows. NowX is ServiceNow’s internal incubation group, solely focused on accelerating innovations and developing new concepts for workflows powered by ServiceNow’s unique platform.

Setting New Sights

Our friends at ServiceNow took particular notice of our pivot offerings and gave us a call. The opportunity was straightforward yet equally thought-provoking: How does the NowX team clarify their role both inside and outside the organization to drive wider adoption of their NowX PaaS Platform?

Building the Future Pivot

Based on our assessment of ServiceNow’s goals, we recommended the one-week Future Building Pivot workshop to identify, distill and articulate the role and messaging around NowX’s potential. We accelerated the early phase of the process by fielding a simple survey with pivot participants, helping us to tightly frame our first session. 

Pursuing Ideas With Sprints

Our online Future Building Pivot sprint consisted of 10 participants in two sessions a day over the course of one week. We divided participants into two smaller teams and assigned a facilitator to each group. With the facilitator guiding individual work sessions and the intimate group dynamic, we enabled highly efficient and deeply constructive collaborations. We concluded the workshop with both teams sharing their insights with the larger group.


Upward, Onward, Forward

NowX is already living out a bold, new future for themselves. They’re implementing our key outputs into their three-year charter and using those outputs to rally leadership around NowX’s new, evolving role within ServiceNow.

“In just one productive week, Liquid’s Future Building Pivot helped jumpstart the way forward for NowX. We walked away with actionable steps and felt well-equipped to build on a clearer, more realized path.” 

Celebrating a Win-Win

We used the opportunity to work with a trusted client and to further refine our offering, expanding on successes while enhancing other elements. Co-creating and iterating are our biggest agency values, after all. 

For a closer look at our online workshop modules, check out Pivot to What’s Next. We pride ourselves on being active collaborators, partnering with your teams to help shift focus and to build a bold, new future for your business. Let’s connect.

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