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Transactions are now easier than ever.

PayPal started out as the preferred payment method used by the vast majority of eBay users. Throughout its history PayPal has continued to revolutionize financial transactions, and as it looks toward the future, it is focusing on mobile payment and point of sale business solutions. To this extent, PayPal asked Liquid to help design a clean, elegant, and informative microsite for PayPal Here, helping them share their vision with millions of small business owners.

Handling money in a hands-free society.


In our increasingly wireless society, business owners and merchants know that it is more important than ever to be able to take payments anywhere—not just online or in-store, but also at special events, meetings, and even on the street. And while cash is always great, credit cards, debit cards, checks, and digital payments (think PayPal and online banking) facilitate most of our day-to-day transactions. As much as any other company of our time, PayPal understands that new technologies can be used to improve and manage businesses’ relationships with their customers.

PayPal engaged Liquid to design a best in class, elegant, modern microsite for PayPal Here, its new financial management and mobile payment app for iPhone, Android and iPad devices. Liquid worked closely with PayPal on the brand development of PayPal Here and created an online presence that has led to millions of users downloading the app.

A greater variety of options.


PayPal’s head start (in the field of online commerce) hasenabled it to create a greater variety of payment options thanother companies offer,” writes Jeff Himmelman in the New Yorktimes. “It doesn‘t just link to a credit card. It’s set up more likea bank: through it, you can make payments with any of yourcredit cards or a debit card, have the amount withdrawn directlyfrom your checking account or even finance the purchase througha line of credit with PayPal itself. And for up to a week after you‘ve made a purchase, you can choose how you want to pay for it.

Jeff Himmelman

The New York Times

Better brand experiences lead to better sales.


Because of our focus on Brand Experience, we are very interested in what happens at the intersection of retail, brands, technology, and customers. Which is why we are excited to work with PayPal on the PayPal Here initiatives.  “The point of transaction can be a crucial part of the retail brand experience,” says Liquid Brand Strategist, Emily Buchholtz. “And in today’s highly mobile environment these transactions can happen virtually anywhere. Solutions that make it easier and more convenient to execute transactions anywhere will build loyalty, relationship, kinship, etc.” When companies such as PayPal use technology in a way that positively enhances the customer (and retailer) experience, they not only remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace, but they also build deeper relationships between the brand and the consumer. Ultimately we believe that deeper relationships lead to loyalty and preference over time – and that translates into more sales!


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