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Now out! THE handbook for design thinking.

Our Director of Transformation, Marty Neumeier, has done it again: He’s taken an extremely complex subject—creativity—and compressed it into a very simple book marked by Marty’s trademark simplicity and wit. The project started as a weekly blog series, but drew so much attention that the publishers at Peachpit turned it into a book. “The 46 Rules of Genius” is the first “quick start guide” for genius, a collection of thought-provoking ideas for developing the creative talents that drive innovation.

What is a genius?


We think of a genius as someone with an IQ of 140, but intelligence scores have little to do with creativity. What makes a genius, according to Neumeier, “is a facile imagination driven by a passionate will towards a narrow goal.” He defines a genius as “anyone who turns insight into innovation, and in the process changes our view of what is possible.”

Like his earlier bestsellers The Brand Gap and Zag, 46 Rules dishes out the straight scoop on the skills we need for innovation, design, and brand excellence. It’s peppered with dozens of witty illustrations by the author himself.


What kind of genius will you be?

Part 1. “How can I innovate?” offers insightful guidance such as “Feel before you think,” “See what’s not there,” and “Ask a bigger question.” Rule #1 gives the paradoxical advice: “Break the rules.”

Part 2. “How should I work?” offers down-to-earth tips on craft: “Use a linear process for static elements,” and “Express related elements in a similar manner.” The reader is also reminded: “Don’t be boring!”

Part 3. “How can I learn?” contains practical advice including “Do your own projects,” “Invest in your originality,” and “Develop an original style.”

Part 4. “How can I matter?” deals with the deeper questions of a career in creativity, such as “Overcommit to a mission,” “Build support methodically,” and “Become who you are.”

The 46 Rules of Genius serves as a reassuring lighthouse in the swirling tides of change and opportunity. Would-be geniuses from every discipline will want to keep it in sight.

What do the other geniuses say?


Here are 46 tips that have helped shape our greatest practitionersfrom every discipline and generation. Best of all, Neumeier takes hisown advice from rule 18: Don’t be boring!

Paula Scher

Partner at Pentagram, winner of the Chrysler Award for Innovation and Design

Creativity can be hard work, but it just got easier with Neumeier’s clear-thinking guidelines. Use them to build your own unique creativeconfidence.

Tom Kelley

Partner at IDEO, Co-Author of Creative Confidencen

Status quo disrupted! It’s bound to happen if you apply these simple yetprofound rules to your ideas, your business, or your brand.

Anaezi Modu

CEO of REBRAND, Founder of REBRAND 100 Global Awards

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