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New Director to Scale Liquid’s Strategy Discipline

Andres Correa brings global vision, innovative approach to Liquid Agency.

We’re excited to announce that Andres Correa has joined Liquid Agency as Director of Strategy. Andres will be responsible for leading Liquid’s strategy discipline on a day-to-day basis, including strategy delivery for Liquid’s clients.

Andres has already been a part of the Liquid extended family as a leader at Liquid Latam, a Liquid Agency affiliate in Santiago, Chile. This move brings Andres fully into the fold. His familiarity with Liquid’s processes and core philosophies means a seamless integration into Liquid’s culture and approach so we, and our clients, can benefit from Andres’ passion and talent right away.

A shared vision on brand and experience design

At Liquid, we see brand experience, customer experience, and employee experience as intricately aligned, with brand as the uniting thread. Evaluating these experiences within a common framework is distinct in our market, and Andres’ design mindset lines up with our unique vision. Andres’ expertise in all three of these experience domains is undeniable. But our client roster will see even greater benefit from his approach.

Fundamentally, Andres works from a core belief in the power of optimism. As he puts it, “I think optimism fuels possibility. And possibility, rather than a constraint, is a powerful lens for strategy design and the creative process.”

Creativity, for Correa, partners with strategic thinking in order to best deliver on business results.

“I believe good strategy—and good execution—is always a fusion of these three dimensions. I learned this through experience, integrating and honing these abilities in my career path, first as a creative writer and content strategist, then as a corporate communications and marketing executive, also as an academic and researcher, and later as a business consultant and brand strategist.”

And we know Andres’ approach works. At Liquid Latam, he delivered award-winning work for a diverse, global array of clients, including Walmart, Bupa, Samsung, Intel-McAfee, and Keurig.

Making innovation and collaboration central to client strategy

Andres has shown a desire to challenge assumptions, in himself and in others.

As a thought leader, he has been a regular lecturer at different universities. Most recently at University Adolfo Ibanez and the Center for Experiences and Services (CES), where common topics included Service Design, customer insights, qualitative research, brand innovation and design thinking. He also served as Fellow of Fundacion Chile, an innovation center for sustainability.

This wide array of experiences—in and out of the agency world—showcases Correa’s range of skills, and highlights why he is uniquely qualified to run the Liquid Agency strategy discipline. His thought leadership, and his talent leadership, will elevate the team around him.

Chief Strategy Officer Dennis Hahn will broaden his focus on agency growth

Andres’ arrival at Liquid Agency also provides an opportunity for longtime Chief Strategy Officer Dennis Hahn to evolve his current role and put a greater focus on building out a robust research and measurement practice built on Qualtrics XM, and on expanding Liquid’s Brand, Customer and Employee Experience practices.

Dennis will continue his ongoing relationships with clients. But as Correa takes over day-to-day oversight of the strategy discipline, Dennis will prioritize helping Liquid scale, expand its reach, and continue to add exceptional talent while maintaining the same high caliber of strategic leadership.

At Liquid Agency, we embrace a pioneering spirit

“Liquid Agency has set a clear path for growth and for bringing the company to the next level,” Correa says. “This requires in my view not only developing and evolving new offerings, processes, and capabilities in general, but also embracing the unknown, continuously evolving, and being able to do the kind of work that creates significant impact for our clients, especially at a time when many paradigms, business and otherwise, are radically shifting.”

Forward thinking is at the heart of strategy, and Liquid Agency shares Andres’ dedication to focusing on what lies ahead. This hire, as well as other recent changes, like the acquisition of Vignette, The Employee Experience Agency®, we have undertaken, highlight the agency’s dedication to continuous development on behalf of our clients.

Andres’ hire is also an opportunity to strengthen the bond between Liquid Agency & Liquid Latam, a valuable collaboration that will continue to add value to both agencies’ clients.

We are beyond excited to welcome Andres to the Liquid Agency family, and to begin to see what we can create together on behalf of our clients.

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