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How Brands are Communicating and Helping During the Corona Virus Crisis

Introducing Dispatch X, from Liquid: where brand experience, customer experience and employee experience come together in one consolidated hub. From success stories to cautionary tales, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in today’s climate. This month’s entry revolves around how companies are adapting to COVID-19, with a special focus on staying positive and staying true to your brand in the process.

How Brands are Communicating and Helping During the Corona Virus Crisis

Right now is a difficult time for everyone, people are worried and uncertain. COVID-19 is an unprecedented global event, which is radically disrupting every aspect of our lives—from the economy to the most basic ways in which we interact with others. In the midst of this public health crisis, some brands have decided to stop marketing efforts altogether; some are re-evaluating and calibrating their marketing messaging; while others are focusing on their purpose, and figuring out how they can help relieve some stress and do their part for society.

We’ve seen brands pushing to do things right, for example, Walmart is providing access to food for underserved populations by supporting organizations that support food banks, schools and senior meal programs, LinkedIn is offering free learning courses, The New York Times is giving free access to COVID-related news and orientation through the coronavirus outbreak, or Prada that is donating masks and building intensive care facilities. Other brands are trying but falling short, coming out with “tone deaf” campaigns that offer no more than nice marketing messaging.

As we try to make sense of this brave new time, Brands are challenged to respond in meaningful and effective ways to their customers, their employees and communities, while many have to navigate at the same time a difficult economic environment. Let’s take a look at what brands are doing (and not doing) during this uncertain time.

Key takeaways

In this edition of Dispatch X, we examine how brands are reacting to the pandemic. Under tough and uncertain conditions, we’re seeing early signs of brands making an effort to leap out of survival mode into reimagining opportunities, reshaping their roles and deepening their commitment to customers and employees.

There are great examples of brands evolving, designing experiences to be more empathic (not just going virtual) and making a contribution during this difficult time. But behind this intention of “doing things right” we see brands aiming to build authenticity, which is the result of brands living their values, and aligning their entire customer and employee experience around that. Seeking this alignment can be powerful, especially in this time, because it yields trust. And it seems that trust and true connection is what’s making the difference when it comes to measuring the strength of a brand in today’s world.

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