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Liquid named the top agency in Silicon Valley!

Liquid Agency was recently ranked as the No.1 agency in Silicon Valley by the SV Biz Journal. “We are super excited and humbled by this achievement” said Scott Gardner, CEO and Co-Founder of Liquid Agency, ” At the same time, we believe we still have a long way to go.” Thanks to a strategy that has included embracing innovation, diversification in industries outside of technology and expansion into other geographical markets, the agency has been able to experience substantial growth since its founding in 2000.

Silicon Valley is known worldwide as a hub of innovation.


We are very lucky to have started our agency in Silicon Valley. We have been exposed to people and processes that have fundamentally changed the way that we approach our work – and the way we’ve built our agency. There’s a certain courage in the air here that is unique, infectious – and inspiring. People are constantly challenging existing notions, taking risks, and inventing new products and new ways of doing things. This is true of engineers, VCs, scientists and designers. Being here has shaped who we are as individuals – the way we think – and ultimately it has provided us with an attitude that is reflected in the work we do and how we do it. Silicon Valley Thinking is in our DNA.

From brand marketing to brand experience.


We started as an agency focused on delivering brand-centric marketing programs for companies in the technology industry. But, our goal has always been to create opportunities for unique, interesting and relevant “experiences” that could be connected to the brand. Over time, our clients started trusting us with more and more responsibilities around their brand building efforts – which led us to evolve into a Brand Experience agency. In the process, we pioneered Silicon Valley Thinking – a methodology that advocates moving away from the linear processes of the past to embrace a more holistic, collaborative and agile approach to branding. We credit this approach, and the lessons we have learned from some of the most innovative people in Silicon Valley, as the foundation for our own growth and success.

Growth is not just about revenue.

The SV Biz Journal list is ranked on the basis of gross income. And, of course we are happy that our revenue has grown over the years. However, we feel that the real story lies in how we’ve grown in other ways. For example, we’ve grown to have multiple offices across the US, as well as in Europe and Latin America. Our staff has grown to over 120 people, including strategists, designers, programmers, architects, writers, producers and others. What we do for our clients has grown to include brand experience services that range from culture changing programs to product development and service design. And our client mix has grown to include companies in industries as diverse as fashion, medical, financial, retail and consumer products.

Our ability to adapt to changing marketplace conditions is one of the reasons we’ve been able to survive and thrive through challenging times. And today, we’re poised to continue growing by adding more value to our clients.

Scott Gardner

CEO & President, Liquid Agency

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