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LATAM Taps Into Chile’s Beer Culture – Brand Identity

Liquid Agency’s LATAM office in Santiago, Chile combines design with strategy to elevate brands for all kinds of clients—from tech to food and everything in between. Their bold choices transform organizations into brands that resonate with people, creating one-of-a-kind design systems that people can recognize from afar.

It’s that mindset that made them the perfect choice for four beer brands wanting to change up their identity and become more established throughout Chile and the rest of South America.

Patagonia Austral

Austral wanted their new line of specialty beer, aptly named Patagonia, to be bolder and more exploratory with its identity, since each can had more volume and more flavor than its other beers. So, our LATAM office created a new look that amplified southern Chile and encouraged consumers to share experiences with each other.

Logos for the elevated brand include colorful and legendary animals, like the saber-tooth tiger and the Chilesaurus dinosaur. These animals are fierce and represent the boldness of the brand, but also pay homage to the country.


Produced in the Elqui Valley, Guayacán has created a reputation for itself. Not just because of their quality beer, but because they produce beer with the environment in mind. Guayacán is the first brand in the country to open a solar-powered brewery.

Our LATAM office helped refresh Guayacán’s brand expression by playing with typography and texture. The end result featured a stencil-like font mixed with bold colors—creating a distinct design that was up-to-date with the beer community and, more importantly, matched the company’s feel-good attitude and dedication to Mother Nature.

Kunstmann “Valdivia Pale Lager”

Kunstmann is a classic Chilean beer that’s created and brewed in Valdivia. When the brand created a new variety of beers, including Valdivia Pale Lager, they wanted to attract a younger and more innovative audience. Inspired by the concepts of “eclectic club” and “factory rock,” our LATAM office designed the brand’s applications for spaces using welcoming and elegant materials—connecting the public with historical artisan work. This created an atmosphere with character and one that paid tribute to the essence of the moment and the enjoyment of the flavor.

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