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Help launch Ficks: The very first Cocktail Fortifier.

Three entrepreneurial students in Silicon Valley came up with a solution to an age old problem: How to enjoy the nightlife while reducing the negative effects of alcohol. And when they asked us to work with them to bring their idea to market, we were all over it. After all, when your agency’s name is Liquid, getting a chance to help eliminate the dreaded hangover is a natural fit. Now you can help too. Continuing in true Silicon Valley form, Ficks is raising capital for the product launch through the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. We invite you to check it out, and help launch the first ever Cocktail Fortifier.

Help us launch this product through crowdfunding.


The brainchild of three college students, Ficks is a naturally flavored drink mixer that has been infused with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants to minimize the negative effects of alcohol. Liquid has worked closely with Ficks on the brand development, and now Ficks is leveraging the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo to raise capital for the product launch. We’re big fans of Ficks so we invite you to consider funding this initiative – and in the process help us make drinking a healthier social activity! Check out the fundraising page, watch the video, and learn about the perks you can receive in exchange for your contribution and how you can get more involved.

Our research revealed some interesting insights.

FICKS_processAs part of our brand development process, our strategy team conducted some research on the landscape. Here are some key findings: 1. There are many brands positioned as “mixers” and many different definitions for the category which means that it would be difficult to claim a distinct position. 2. The hangover “fix” landscape is focused primarily on supplements, and the brands in this category are often perceived as gimmicky. 3. The rise of the mixologist and the craft cocktail indicates a desire to create drinks with different ingredients to give them depth and creativity. 4. The public’s interest in health creates an opportunity for products that provide added health benefits to the drinking experience.

A product this unique deserves to be in its own category.

In the process of defining the brand platform we concluded that the product’s natural flavors make it an ideal ingredient for many cocktails – however the real benefit lies in the product’s ability to reduce the chances of a hangover. This led us to position the product as a “Cocktail Fortifier” because it invigorates not just your drink but also your body – giving it the strength it needs to counteract the negative effects associated with alcohol consumption. As we developed design solutions, we were inspired by the apothecary tradition of using alcoholic beverages for medicinal purposes – which also inspired us to come up with the name “Ficks”, phonetically suggesting the word “fix”.

Let’s make Ficks a success. Help us fund this product!

We’re super excited about this product. We have tried it out ourselves at some of our parties, and we found that it tastes great and it really works! So, please help us bring it to market. You can help in a variety of ways: For one, you can help fund the launch by pre-buying some of the bottles (and take advantage of some great offers). Also, we would really appreciate your help with spreading the word through your social channels (just click on the social sharing buttons to use Twitter, Facebook, or email). Visit the Indiegogo page to learn more about the product and how you can get involved.

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