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Evolving the C2SV brand identity.

Last year Liquid Agency was asked to develop the brand identity for C2SV—which stands for Creative Convergence Silicon Valley. C2SV is the premier technology conference and music festival taking place annually in Silicon Valley. For 2014, we tranformed the visual style for the event, adding more depth and vitality to the brand identity. Here’s a sneak peek at the new design.

A new year. A new identity.

C2SV_LogosAccording to Dan Pulcrano, the founder of C2SV, “This year the event is poised to be even more exciting than it was last year, so we wanted to refresh the brand accordingly.” Liquid was asked to advance the brand identity and in the process suggested creating a visual element that could be used across a variety of deliverables, ranging from a website to banners, badges to stage set designs. We used the same letterforms as last year but added a colorful component that suggests rays of light and energy.

Save the date: September 10-14

Musicians, artists, videographers, inventors, and product designers from around the globe will converge in Silicon Valley from September 10–14 to discuss the future of the changing digital landscape and to unveil innovations destined to transform our lives. The C2SV Technology Conference will address a range of provocative topics related to music, the creative arts, and society. The C2SV Music Festival will showcase an exciting mix of emerging talent and established acts selected because of their innovative music performances.

The refreshing quality of the new C2SV 2014 identity captures the dynamic culture of Silicon Valley.

Dan Pulcrano

CEO, Metro Silicon Valley & Founder of C2SV

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