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The buzz is ramping up for Marty Neumeier’s latest book, Scramble.

Who reads business books anymore? Lots of people, if the book is by Marty Neumeier. Our resident thought leader has a knack for making complex subjects not only understandable but fun, yes, actually fun. His latest book, due out on October 1, is pure thrill ride. A list of select individuals who have gotten a preview have found the book “surprising,” “powerful,” “mesmerizing,” “riveting” and “unputdownable.”

Early reader Mitch Joel is an entrepreneur, investor and business advisor. He’s a former president of Mirum, a digital marketing firm owned by WPP, operating in 25 countries with over 3,000 employees and has been named one of the top 100 online marketers in the world. “Some of the most insightful and smart books on branding and marketing strategy have been written by Marty Neumeier,” he says, “his latest book is a thriller (not joking), and it’s a great read.” Listen to Mitch’s interview with Marty on Six Pixels of Separation.

Another early reader is Eric Ryan, co-founder of the soap company Method, and nonow a startup called OLLY. When asked for a cover blurb, he hesitated. Then he wrote: “Scramble is essential reading for anyone building a business or brand in today’s hypercompetitive environment. I highly recommend my rivals avoid it.” Eric is co-author of The Method Method, the story of how he and his partner Adam Lowry built a unique (and witty) culture around the Method brand.

“Neumeier is a model of somebody who is constantly putting himself on the creative edge,” says Jeffrey Davis, founder and host of Tracking Wonder, “he’s always testing out new territories.” Jeffrey recently interviewed Marty on branding and creativity for his Tracking Wonder podcast. At the end of the interview, Marty let the cat out of the bag by mentioning Scramble. He was flooded with requests for the book, so he started an online group called Scramble Advocates to channel the interest. You can sign up here.

“There is no other business thinker I hold in higher regard,” says top book reviewer Bob Morris, “Marty’s mind reminds me of a Swiss Army Knife.” Bob has recapped the five principles of design thinking, a key feature of Scramble, on his website Blogging for Business. Look for a full interview about the in the coming months.

Perhaps the best summary of the book comes from Kit Yarrow, a professor of consumer psychology and author of the book Decoding the New Consumer Mind. She says, “Scramble is a fresh, engaging way to learn how business transformation really works, from heart-pounding deadlines to the touchy challenge of teamwork. Whether you’re a student or experienced business professional, you’ll find countless insights and reasons to love this book.”

Scramble launches on October 1.

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