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Eight for Eight

The Silicon Valley ADDY Awards celebrates innovative work that’s created by some of the best agencies in our community. This year, we were pleased to receive eight Addy awards for our eight entries, including a gold Addy for our Ellie social campaign. We’re proud to be recognized in our community for the work we do for our amazing clients.

RayVio Ellie Social Campaign

LAW-Addys2017_EllieRayvio Corporation hired Liquid to create a new brand and awareness for their cutting-edge and patented UV-C technology that performed hospital-grade sterilization in a microchip format. From brand strategy to naming to a consumer-ready prototype, Liquid took Ellie to market as the first ever digital UV sterilizing pod for new parents and their infant items. The result? A crowdfunded success that resulted in over 300% funding of RayVio’s goal. See more.

Ernest 70th Anniversary Video

LAW-Addys2017_Ernest_70thTo commemorate 70 years in the packaging business, Ernest Packaging Solutions turned to Liquid to create a long-form video in the spirit of their Ernest Challenge series. By creating an animated, tongue-in-cheek journey throughout the decades—complete with cultural references and the requisite Ernest humor—Liquid took viewers on a chronological ride up to present day. All while reinforcing the fact that, throughout the years, Ernest has continued to change the world of packaging in the most innovative and exciting ways. Because when it comes to their customers, smart solutions are timeless.

Ernest Not Hiring Campaign

LAW-Addys2017_Ernest_NotHiringWhen Ernest Packaging Solutions asked Liquid Agency to create a recruitment campaign, they jumped at the chance. But instead of sending out an open call announcing that Ernest was hiring for both sales and operations positions, they decided to tell the world who they were NOT hiring. This disruptive and eye-catching campaign was rolled out through all of the appropriate social channels, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook and Twitter. And after a successful roll-out, Ernest approached Liquid again to turn the static ads into a video series that’s currently in production.

Aruba Titans Campaign

LAW-Addys2017_ArubaTitansAruba turned to Liquid Agency for their first awareness communication since their acquisition by HP. The task was to create a global campaign that announced the solutions of the combined company. But instead of just creating a passive awareness campaign that could prove low on engagement, Liquid created a campaign that attracted IT buyers from around the globe to find out their IT super power through taking a fun online quiz that matched their strength with a power connected to Aruba and HP products. The Aruba Titans of Tomorrow campaign was globally embraced and resulted in a 10% conversion rate to leads and the best nurture funnel results in their history. See more.

RadiumOne Website

LAW-Addys2017_RadiumOneWhen RadiumOne approached Liquid, they needed a true coming out party for their company celebrating its unique position as a programmatic media buying service that really works. So before embarking on a complete website redesign, Liquid first established the brand strategy, then the brand story—both of which laddered up to the idea of “Making connections that matter.” Next, Liquid landed on two separate targets that needed to be reached: advertisers (be they brand direct or agency), and developers at mobile-first agencies. After completing the arduous task of updating colors, typography, iconography and graphic devices, Liquid relaunched the RadiumOne website to award-winning results.

Aisle9 Logo

LAW-Addys2017_Aisle9As champions for challenger brands, Aisle9 was the perfect fit for Liquid Agency’s Silicon Valley Thinking™. But this meant that the creative team had a challenging task: to bring a truly aspirational feel to the logo design that would open the door for this scrappy brand with battle plans. Through an initial round of exploration that demonstrated how this challenger brand platform could translate into a compelling identity, Liquid used color, type, imagery, and graphical treatments to align the Aisle9 look and feel with their disruptive brand strategy. This resulted in the creation of a logo with a bold and decidedly open feel—reflective of how the company wanted to be viewed today and into the future.

Collibra Logo

LAW-Addys2017_CollibraAfter an initial round of meetings, Collibra and Liquid landed on a lofty brand aspiration: to inspire every data user to become a data champion. Next came the question: how do we represent this inspirational and courageous aspiration visually? The answer: employ the five principles of effective logo design. Simplicity to make it easily recognizable. Memorability to make it sticky. Timelessness to make it endure. Versatility to make sure it translates across mediums and is implementable. And finally, the appropriateness that makes it ultimately meaningful. The result? The Liquid team created a circular logo in natural green and yellow tones that felt natural and straightforward—exactly how they wanted to come across to their clients and business users.

GE Predix Logo

LAW-Addys2017_PredixPredix is focused on connecting people, machines and data at scale, and connecting the dots of information that change industrial information into industrial intelligence. But a problem existed: there was no connection between the disparate pieces of knowledge across the industrial sector within GE. And there was no continuity or visual alignment between the three different divisions of Predix. So, Liquid began by putting the GE Predix story through the filter of the decided-upon expression attributes: positive, real and dynamic. These three traits needed to come through not only in how the logo looked, but how it felt. And Liquid prevailed. Not only by delivering a new mark, but by providing the appropriate level of brand endorsement between Predix and the GE master brand.

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