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The Liquefying Experience

Greetings from Liquid Agency, I’m the new strategy intern around here. The name is Oscar. This is a series of posts documenting of my journey here at Liquid, and the experiences I’ve had as a strategy intern.

The Team

planning meeting
Liquid’s Monthly Stand-Up is a meeting that happens at the beginning of every month. All the members of Liquid gather up to talk about updates and topics regarding the company. I was fortunate enough to attend the first ever renaming of the cross-functional client teams. The presentations were amazing. The names were funny, and of course, on brief. The energy was lively. It felt like a whole family just got together to show off/goof off for a few moments. Still waiting on the polling to be finished but all I can say is #TeamFondue.

When I first met with the Strategy team, I was really anxious. I didn’t know if I was prepared enough to start an internship. What if I wasn’t what they were looking for? Thankfully, the team reassured me that I was here to learn, and I was going to learn a lot. I’m really glad to be a part of this team because I feel like I have a good support system in case I find myself getting lost. They’ve been giving me a lot of books to read which has helped me understand what I’m doing. I’ve also been allowed to sit-in on internal status meetings. These meetings help me understand what it’s like to prepare for meetings with clients and work in collaboration with others as a team. Though it’s only the beginning, I feel like I’ve been a part of a lot already. More to come in the following weeks…

Trying New Things

team meeting
I figured that if I’m going to start a new internship, I might as well try even more new experiences, so I’ve decided to expand my taste palette and try new food here in San Jose. I have yet to eat at the same place twice. I have also not regretted eating anything I’ve tried (Usually I’m really picky with food, but here I don’t want to be too selective). I tried poke for the first time which was pretty good. I also ate a rice bowl with some dope lemongrass chicken.

Beyond the food, I really enjoy listening to the conversations people have at the community dining table and around the office. Topics include, but are not limited to:
– Baby names
– What you do when you win the lottery
– Ludicrous housing prices in San Jose
– Eating couch cushions
– Specific dog breed rescue centers

The people in the office are so down-to-earth. I feel like I’m back in school during lunchtime sitting and talking with a bunch of friends about whatever was on our minds. A lot of people try to sit down at the dining table to eat their lunch with others and socialize. It feels really nice to just have those moments of connection in the office.

After the first week, I feel pretty good about starting my internship here at Liquid. The people are cool, the energy is high and I can wear whatever shoes I want. More updates to come as I dive deeper. ‘Til next time, this is Oscar the Strategy Intern signing off.

By Oscar Santos

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