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Optimizing Cx for brand success

Optimizing customer experience (Cx) creates Devotees—a brand’s most engaged customers who intend to continue to support the brand and are willing to pay a premium to do so. And this is a crucial aspect of brand success. 

However, in recent years, many brands have failed to deliver strong Cx. Patterns observed from 2019–2022 feature drops in Cx scores across industries, as fewer brands are improving their Cx scores and more are decreasing in the metric year over year. This has led to an environment of low brand differentiation, where brands have a harder time standing out from their competitors.

To overcome these challenges, brands need to become customer-obsessed. A paradigm of customer-centricity is one reliable way to close the Cx gap and create brand believers and Devotees—who, in turn, generate greater revenue than non-devotees in every industry.

These concepts are the focal points of Liquid Agency’s webinar, “Cx as a Brand-Led Enterprise Capability,” in which Andres Correa, director of strategy, speaks with Forrester’s Pete Jacques.

To learn more, download our resource here, or watch a recording of the original presentation.

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