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Employee value proposition framework and messaging

With an ever-changing talent landscape, retaining and recruiting employees is more important than ever. So, it is critical for companies to develop their value proposition for employees and candidates in exchange for the work they do. Liquid Agency’s approach to defining and expressing a company’s employee value proposition is holistic by looking not only at what the organization gives employees above and beyond the paycheck, but also through the lens of what is most meaningful to its employees and candidates.

We create a detailed employee value proposition framework that encapsulates everything that your organization delivers to its employees through the lens of five pillars. The framework includes the employee value proposition statement, each pillar’s value proposition, key messages, reasons to believe and more—everything employees and candidates need to understand the value that the organization brings through its rewards, opportunities, people and the company and the work itself.

  • Employee value proposition five-pillar framework
  • Employee value proposition message map
  • Audience message map
  • Messaging toolkits
  • Message testing
  • Employee value proposition content strategy
  • Employee value proposition story and narratives
  • Employee value proposition campaigns and communications
  • Recruitment campaigns

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