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Brand messaging and brand storytelling

To activate your brand and mobilize your audience, you need a clear, compelling story that states why you exist, the problem you’re solving, and what you alone can do about it. We bring your brand strategy to life with messaging and storytelling to guide your team on what to say and how to say it. We create detailed messaging maps that include value propositions, key messages, reasons to believe, and more—everything people need to correctly tell the story of the brand, products, and services every day.

Brand messaging

  • Brand message map
  • Product message map
  • Audience message map
  • Messaging toolkits
  • Message testing

Brand storytelling

  • Brand story and narratives
  • Brand anthem videos
  • Brand launch keynote presentations
  • Brand books

Other Bx services

Brand strategy
Research and customer insights
Brand naming
Visual identity
Brand management and governance
Brand activation
Brand tracking
Brand portfolio architecture

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