Emerging companies need branding too.

Liquid recognizes that companies at an earlier stage in their lifecycle can benefit from an investment in brand building. We developed Liquid Express to address the needs of emerging companies, and we also consider investing in them to help accelerate their growth.

The Liquid Express program is a cost effective approach to launching new brands, specifically designed for emerging companies. Liquid Express is customized to the needs of early phase companies, enabling these companies to benefit from a highly strategic and sophisticated branding approach.

Liquid Express is based on the following:

1. Simplify the process

2. Reduce the number of components

3. Client participation and commitment

Depending on the situation, the Liquid Express program can include a variety of components—such as a Brand Compass, Messaging Matrix, Logo, Website, and basic Marketing Materials. What is included depends on needs, financial situation, and timing. The program is developed collaboratively with the company’s management to meet their objectives and budgets.

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Global Brand Consultancies:

Research driven, long timelines, large budgets.

Liquid Express

Liquid Express offers strategic experience and creative resources and a cost-effective approach for emerging businesses.

Small Design Firms:

Lack Marketing and/or Solid Brand Strategy experience or capabilities.

Established Companies

"Help me grow and sustain brand value"

Prime Time

"build me a Brand that can last"


"Make It Legit"