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Liquid hosts The E-Team Campaign World Premiere.

At Liquid, we’re big on experience. So when we finished the three new E-Team films for Ernest Packaging Solutions, we wanted to do something a little better than, say, sending out an email. Instead, we decided to rent out the Aladdin Theater in Southeast Portland, invite 150 or so of our closest friends, and turn it into the Hollywood-style movie premiere event of 2020.

The protagonists, Cornflake, Porterhouse and Johnny Vegas, not only arrived in character. They arrived in style, with the vintage Gran Torino from one of the three films screeching to a halt in front of the venue. After the screams, photo ops and high-fives subsided, the crowd made their way to their seats to see “World Champions of Change,” “Operation: Innovation” and “E-Commercenaries” on the big screen. The the plain clothes versions of the characters—Tim Wilson, Brian Porter and Liquid Agency’s own CEO, Scott Gardner—expressed their thanks for the turnout and for the hard work of their coworkers.

It was a night that will go down in the books, both for Liquid Agency and Ernest Packaging Solutions. Not because of what it was. But because of who made it happen. Ernest and Liquid Agency employees sitting side by side. Actors, directors and producers sitting right there, too. It was proof positive there’s nothing more powerful than a shared experience. Not even the rumbling V8 engine of the red and white muscle car parked under the marquee, waiting to take us off to our next adventure together.

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