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Playing It Safe Can Often Be Risky – Business Transformation Playbook

Our Business Transformation Playbook can help your business not just survive tomorrow, but thrive tomorrow.

Meet turmoil by embracing change.

Chaos isn’t predictable, but it is inevitable. Plunging markets. Health crises. Declining natural resources. Societal and political upheaval. It’s all happened before. And will likely happen again. However, companies continue to react to these uncertainties by defaulting to past experiences. All too often, leaders have navigated disorder by holding steady or scaling back. But many organizations have taken a divergent approach—and flourished. As Liquid Agency Chief Strategy Officer Dennis Hahn points out, “Instead of letting a novel economy stifle them, smart companies meet big market shifts head on by charting new, agile moves forward.” And while there’s no roadmap for turbulent times, there is a launching pad. Our Business Transformation Playbook now offers organizations a place to start. Think of it as the inspiration to reimagine your business by embracing change. Download the Playbook to discover what might help your business take its next step forward.

A playbook born from a pivot.

After two decades of working with Silicon Valley innovators and organizations, Liquid Agency has developed a fast-paced approach to breaking down business challenges and zeroing in on opportunities. But once the global pandemic brought the world to a standstill, our client methodology suddenly became our own. We shifted by helping companies discover and adopt new approaches to help them thrive in a volatile landscape. This playbook and our strategic, five-day, online workshop, Pivot to What’s Next™, have become our way of guiding businesses through turbulent waters.

Look inside and leap ahead.

In our Business Transformation Playbook, we identify and explore the seven drivers that are foundational to business transformation—what we call a pivot. We apply these drivers across each of three business-essential fulcrums that include Value, Performance and Experience. As we tap into each driver, we present challenge and opportunity lenses that offer new ways to evaluate and envision your business. We also provide current examples of companies activating identical drivers and transforming their organizations in profound and unexpected ways. You see new possibilities take shape, bold ideas surface and transformative pivots come into focus. Use the contents of our playbook to challenge old mental archetypes and rethink existing business models. The faster you readapt to a world in crisis, the better equipped you’ll be for the post-crisis world.

Ready to pivot?

Go beyond our playbook and discover your next big pivot. In just five days of fast-paced, calendar-friendly and highly strategic online sprints, we can help you uncover pivot-worthy business opportunities. We call it Pivot to What’s Next. Whether you’re a startup business or an iconic brand, we’ll lead you and your teams through collaborative sessions designed to uncover new possibilities and map out your next step forward. Find a Pivot to What’s Next module that can help you realize your fullest business potential at

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