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Brand Experiences Become More Agile & Look to Hybridization

As consumers feel the strain of constant turmoil, brand experiences have to answer the call—quickly and deftly. This means brands need to not only adapt but put energy into fluid thinking. And with so much attention on the benefits of digital, we are reminded that brick-and-mortar still holds much potential.

Brand Strategy Needs to Embrace Fluidity

For many of us, the new normal is predictably unpredictable. Safety measures contract and expand as the COVID-19 cases decline and spike. And as consumers experience continued uncertainty, brands need to become more fluid. Adapting to an ever-shifting world starts with a brand strategy that helps the brand find new ways to connect with consumers. Supporting customers in turbulent times means brands have to apply fluid thinking to physical, virtual and physical-virtual hybrid spaces, making sure perception and purpose align throughout the brand experience. As well, brands need to connect with their customers by understanding what matters the most to consumers—value, availability, convenience, safety, delight, usefulness and meaning.

The New Pixels and Mortar Brand Experience

While digital is playing a significant role in reshaping business and brands, physical spaces are still very relevant. We’re seeing the brick and mortar model being reimagined. The new normal has been a source of continuous change and with it, customer touchpoints have been shifting from offline-to-online to an online-plus-offline (O+O) model. To make strides in an evolving landscape, brand experiences need to consider the O+O integration as a means of building synergy and value with customers.

Dispatch X September Edition

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