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Liquid Agency Leverages Own Brand Design Team For 20th Anniversary

Liquid Agency leverages the power of brand to solve our clients’ most difficult business challenges. We do this by designing experiences for brands, customers and employees that are all aligned with the heart of an organization’s real meaning and purpose. When a company shows up consistently at every human touchpoint, the result is a brand people believe in.

And yet, we weren’t walking our talk. When we looked closely at ourselves, we realized our visual identity was no longer connecting with the brand we’d become. So late last year, with our 20th anniversary on the horizon, we leveraged the power of our own brand and got to work on our visual design system.

This is really exciting for us,” Chief Strategy Officer Dennis Hahn said. “Especially because of our 20th anniversary. It’s a great time to launch something like this that clearly speaks to our future.”

An international approach

We constantly coach our clients to show up on-brand everywhere they show up, yet we weren’t doing that for ourselves. While our strategic focus had evolved over the last 20 years, our visual identity had largely remained untouched. We needed a more robust and flexible design system that would resonate with employees and clients while connecting to our overall brand strategy. We turned to our affiliate Liquid Latam in Santiago, Chile, for an international and objective perspective. Together, we landed on an energetic and approachable design system that better evokes our purpose.


Making way for playful creation

Looking at these colors and being able to create and play with layers and transparency inspires our team. This ever-growing design system gives us what we give to our clients and their brands—infinite opportunities, a strong sense of self and the opportunity to build on what’s already been started. It also allows us to add color modules as we create more complex systems, focus on what’s important and prioritize in a fresh, colorful way. Now, our evolved look matches the value and energy we’ve always brought to our clients.

With this new design system, we can fully express ourselves and tell our story. The new colors, typography and graphics visually support our brand strategy and represent the limitless possibilities and endless creativity within our team.

This look and feel marks a new chapter in our evolution. And, most importantly, it comes straight from the heart of our brand. 

“We’re getting back to our design roots,” Hahn said. “We started as a design agency, focused on strategy and now we are doubling down on design as a driver of our offerings.”

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