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The activation is part of the 'Cardboard Chaos' series to showcase the company's ingenuity

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The packaging industry isn’t exactly a goldmine for creativity, but one such company has managed to come up with some pretty cool—not to mention elaborate—ways to promote something as bland as cardboard.

A firm called Ernest Packaging Solutions recently tapped both internal talent and a few creative partners to design a functioning, full-fledged drum kit that’s predominantly made of cardboard. To test out its efficacy, the company enlisted the help of Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz, who used the opportunity to have a bit of a jam session.

Liquid, the agency behind the activation, said it took over a year for the drum set to be built. Once Ernest’s director of design solutions, Mike Martinez, crafted the cardboard pieces, they were then sent over to LA custom drum manufacturer Masters of Maple, where founder Sai Hanif put on the finishing touches to bring the set to life.

This isn’t the first time that Ernest has made a product out of cardboard and put it to use; in the past, the brand has created a cardboard skateboard (which none other than Tony Hawk put to the test) as well as a guitar, snowboard and surfboard. The items are all part of Ernest’s “Cardboard Chaos” series, which aims to show off the company’s ingenuity when it comes to packaging solutions.

“What better way to show the evolution of packaging in today’s Amazon-delivery driven environment than to build seemingly impossible products out of cardboard,” said Tim Wilson, president of Ernest Packaging, in a press release. “Every day our customers come to us with complex packaging issues from supply chain management to packaging design and more. By building drums, guitars and skateboards that actually work, we are proving our ability to bring innovation to our industry and our customers.”

Scott Gardner, CEO of Liquid, said the series delivers “the ultimate in product demonstration in an entertaining way through an ever-expanding vision for how cardboard can be crafted in highly customizable ways.”

Liquid worked with Signal Productions and marketing services firm MKR on the campaign, which is being promoted across digital and social.

See Stone Temple Pilots’ Eric Kretz put the drums to the test.

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